Position Profile

Job Title:  Outreach Coordinator

Work Unit:  Parkington Plaza NCCYF

Ministry:   Alberta Children’s Services

Competition Number:  1040893

Date:  March 2017



The purpose of the Outreach Coordinator role is to:

  • Initiate contact with various identified and targeted organizations and associations for the purpose of developing arenas for caregiver recruitment.
  • Develop, maintain and expand upon opportunities to build relationships with existing or new key stakeholder organizations for the purpose of, caregiver recruitment.
  • Solicit and organize agency representatives for presentations, schedule and coordinate ambassadors for joint presentations with agency or authority staff and conduct community outreach activities as a representative of Region 6 Caregiver Recruitment program (including being present at appropriate festivals and events).
  • Liaise with and provide information and support to applicants, Support Workers, Caseworkers and the general public regarding the process of caregiver applications.
  • Support the efforts of the Application Intake Workers and foster care agencies in scheduling events for caregiver recruitment and identifying / processing potential caregiver applicants.

The main contribution to the organization is in assisting the Region meet Ministerial Caregiver Recruitment targets and to assist in providing permanency for children, youth and families.

This roles primary client is stakeholders and secondary is caregiver applicants.

Responsibilities and Activities


The major responsibilities of the role include:

  • Initiate contact with identified stakeholders for the purpose of scheduling presentation or media events related to caregiver recruitment.
  • Schedule and track the completion of presentations (5 per month minimum).
  • Collaborate with foster care agency representatives to coordinate presenters for each marketing event ensuring that a shared opportunity for marketing exists among all agency partners.
  • Assess, recruit and orient suitable foster parents or former children in care representatives for the Caregiver Ambassador team.  The purpose of the Caregiver Ambassador team is to supplement agency or authority led presentations with real life experiences of caring for children in care.
  • Coordinate joint presentations involving representatives of the Caregiver Ambassador team and agency or authority representatives.
  • Coordinate and deliver and track presentation or marketing materials to agency and / or authority staff completing presentations.
  • Track and record feedback or issues relating to advertising or marketing events for further development.
  • Attend Regional or agency Linkages meetings as required for the purpose of developing collaborative relationships, building trust and sharing information.
  • Provide information to prospective applicants on request about various systems and/or programs available to them or children in their care. For example: Interventions services available through Children and Youth Services, the Family Court System, Adoption legislation, FOIP, Family Supports for Children with Disabilities, and Supports for Permanency.
  • Negotiate and coordinate placement of advertisement materials among recruited / participating stakeholder organizations.
  • Develop and maintain scheduling and tracking systems and monthly statistic reports in relation to recruitment events/activities.
  • Participate in monthly Program meetings, monthly Center meetings, and unit meetings as required by the Supervisor

During down time, the Outreach Coordinator may also assist in regular Application Intake duties such as:

  • Respond to calls, emails and walk-ins from those interested in all program areas.
  • Receive adoption request for packages from Adoption/Permanency Caseworkers, create and send packages for completion.
  • Screen applicants by reviewing and assessing application documents and information from personal and medical references, as well as face-to-face and telephone contacts with applicants.
  • Maintain regular contact with all applicants and assist regarding factors that may be an obstacle in the approval of their application.
  • Criminal Record Check Full Disclosure reports as required.
  • Provide case management by maintaining client files, prepare letters, reports and contact notes, completing Home Assessment Report referrals.
  • Familiarize and inform Child and Youth Services staff regarding the application process and procedures.



The Outreach coordinator is primarily self-directed and works independently with a high level of autonomy. The role must be flexible to accommodate the changing needs of the Region and Ministry.

  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and evenings.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act
  • Adoption Program
  • Adoption Regulations, policies and directives
  • Supports for Permanency Program
  • Foster Care / Kinship Care Programs
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Child and Youth Information Module
  • Various community resources


  • Public speaking and engagement
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation/problem-solving
  • Negotiation/advocacy
  •  Decision-making
  • Proficient Computer, skills (e-mail, CYIM, Microsoft, excel)
  • Organizational/time management
  • Research
  • Customer service
  • Consultation/collaboration
  • Recruitment and screening
  • Interviewing and assessment
  • Intervention/crisis management
  • Support/counseling
  • Requires an individual who is highly organized, flexible and able to work well with time deadline and accountability
  • Organize, conduct and/or participate in sponsored recruitment events


  • Generate enthusiasm within the community around caregiver recruitment
  • Must be able to work evenings, weekends, and/or flexible hours as needed or requested
  • Interpret and understand and communicate complex legislation, policy and directives
  • Engage agency and community stakeholders, authority co-workers and families in Caregiver Recruitment.
  • Prioritization and multi-tasking skills
  • Maintain professionalism in line with policies & regulations
  • Maintain high level of confidentiality as it relates to clients, personnel, the authority & all records/documents
  • Regular attendance
  • Other duties and special projects as assigned



The major client groups include:

  • The community and relevant agencies - To provide information about care giving.
  • Outreach groups as identified. Faith Based Business Community, LGBTQ Community, Education Outreach, Youth Sports Organizations, Multicultural Groups, and Rural Audiences.
  • General public - To provide presentations and answer enquiries around program areas and to provide redirection to the appropriate resource as required
  • Ambassador Team - composed of agency and/or authority foster parents, adoptive parents or former children in care to accompany agency presenters and provide real life stories of caregiver experiences.
  • Potential Applicants - To provide information, support and direction with regard to their application process and the overall process.
  • Adoption/Permanency Caseworkers, Kinship Care Support Workers, Foster Care Support Workers and Supervisors - To liaise regarding potential applicants as well as current applicants to give updates.
  • Child Intervention Caseworkers and Casework Supervisors - To provide information about the intake process.
  • Contract Resource Unit staff - To make Home Assessment referrals and to follow-up on the progress of referrals made.
  • Home Assessment Report contracted agency staff - To liaise regarding file referred to them to have Home Assessments completed.
  • Social Workers / Supervisors from other Provinces/Territories - To liaise and follow-up on request made for Home Assessments to be completed either by them or by us.
  • Others as determined.

Supervision Exercised


The Outreach coordinator reports to the Recruitment and Retention Specialist and does not supervise any staff. Work is evaluated for adherence to policies, procedures and ethical conduct. At times this role works closely with the supervisor in a team setting when exceptional circumstances or barriers present themselves.


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