Position Profile

Job Title:  West Central Area Communication Technician

Work Unit:  Forestry Division / Wildfire Management Branch / Wildfire Telecommunications and Facilities Unit

Ministry:   Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1040838

Date:  March 2017



The Communications Tech (Comms Tech) provides front-line support, operations and maintenance for area and provincial telecommunication networks and sub systems. As a member of a very highly skilled, motivated, technical team within one of the four telecommunication areas of Alberta, this position will work in a cohesive group to provide critical support and response for the planning, construction, operations and preventative maintenance of many remote, very technical and vital telecommunication systems, telemetry networks and other electronic systems in operation by the Government of Alberta. These systems all play a critical and vital role, ensuring Forestry staff along with other ministry and municipal government staff have the appropriate and dependable telecommunication platforms during wildfires, natural disasters, local emergencies and daily operations. Since these communication systems are often the only form of critical communications during emergency operations, a high state of readiness and response is expected in order to achieve advanced seamless communications.

Responsibilities and Activities


Responding to Wildfire and other emergency type incidents in the role of Comms Unit Leader or Tech, the Comms Tech will:


  • Design, setup and maintain all radio, data and voice communications tailored to that specific event.
  • Perform daily operational test and measurements to ensure systems are effective and stable.
  • Complete the radio frequency plan, monitor, communicate and modify to maintain the needs within incident scope and scale.
  • Maintain a unit log with asset inventory, system and network designs.
  • Proactively scale the unit and communication systems to meet the location and size of the incident.

Protecting a large capital investment and ensuring networks and systems are available when needed, the Comms Tech manages a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program to 150 Firenet, 11 Dispatch Centre’s, 127 Fixed Detection and 130 Alberta First Responders Radio Communication System Sites by:


  • Preparing bi-annual site visits, cleaning, testing, modifying and documenting all aspects of the site.
  • Responding to outages, degradations and general operational concerns in a methodical, prepared and prioritized approach.
  • Performing operational and functional testing on a regular basis throughout the year and documenting findings and health of the network.
  • Maintaining and enhancing civil infrastructure from the foundation, buildings to towers.
  • Maintaining AC and DC power systems while keeping within trained scope.
  • Performing as needed tower rigging, builds and modifications on Fixed Detection structures, communication towers and other elevated structures.

Providing area communication support and expertise to enhance local area communication related needs by:


  • Fostering local relationship with staff and related stakeholders.
  • Providing advice and expertise when needed.
  • Seeking input and providing recommendations during area meeting and events.
  • Communicating project updates, weekly briefings and address areas of concerns quickly and concisely.
  • Maintain local and provincial communication cache equipment, making it operational and available for any type of incident or event.

Maintenance of provincial resource support systems such as the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, Remote Camera systems, Lightning Locator Processor, Remote Automated Weather Stations and the Firenet Data network. These systems are in place to provide Forest Protection Division with vital operational data and the Comms Tech must ensure systems performing satisfactory by:


  • Providing neat and standardized installations practices.
  • Maintaining and updating current systems as needed.
  • Documenting changes and upgrades and provide end user support and training.
  • Provide first line support and troubleshooting.
  • Perform hardware and software upgrades and overall system enhancements.

Support the Area and Provencal Telecom and Facilities unit by:


  • Keeping informed and up to date in the technical industry.
  • Provide input and advice in areas that need it.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area, shop, vehicles and equipment.
  • Stay current and active with fall protection and tower rescue certifications.
  • Support and be active on area and provincial standby rosters for outages and incident support.


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