Position Profile

Job Title:  Financial Banking Analyst

Work Unit:  Strategic Business Services, Financial Services

Ministry:   Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1040813

Date:  February 2017



This position is the primary contact in the ministry for funding of all processes that occur through IMAGIS. As a valued resource for ministries and entities notifying them of outstanding items for review, as well as answering questions around the funding and reconciliation process for their bank accounts. This support of the GOA processes and systems requires a high level of knowledge on how the funding processes in GOA, and the delivery and implications to the various entities they support. This support and delivery involves communication and problem solving throughout government, for all ministries and entities.

When new initiatives in GOA systems are proposed and tested, the incumbent provides necessary insight and evaluation of impacts to the funding process in GOA.

The incumbent prepares a high volume of bank transfers in the millions in order to fund the various Disbursement Accounts to cover payments issued on behalf of the General Revenue Fund, various Funds and Trusts across the government and Pension Funds. In support of ministries and entities on the funding process, the incumbent prepares a number of bank reconciliations for various funds across government. Bank reconciliations provide an independent method of confirmation on a monthly basis of the accuracy of the government’s cash accounting which in turn contributes to the reporting required on the government’s financial condition through the financial statements of government entities and the government as a whole.

Responsibilities and Activities


Provides professional delivery of the funding model of the Government of Alberta by:

  • Reviewing the queries provided by IBM for funding of AP, Payroll and Interunit cash allocations to ensure their accuracy,
  • Preparing cash transfer requests that are sent to Treasury and Risk Management to fund the activities of ministries and multiple non-GRF entities that make payments through IMAGIS into various disbursement accounts,
  • Creating inter-unit journals to record the cash movements from GRF and non-GRF bank accounts to the GoA disbursement accounts; and
  • Designing and using IMAGIS Query/Crystal reports to aid in the review of IBM requests.

Prepares bank reconciliations for various ministries and entities that use IMAGIS for receipt and deposit of funds and for disbursement purposes by:

  • Reviewing transfer requests from IBM for reasonableness prior to requesting funding,
  • Working with numerous entities within the GoA to resolve issues such as
    • Reviewing fund inter-unit account balances not netted to zero subsequent to AP funding, and
    • Requesting corrective action and assisting with the adjustments,
  • Providing copies of the monthly reconciliations to the originating ministry/entity and requesting error correction as necessary; and
  • Responding to inquiries related to the activities within the non-GRF accounts.

Maintain the Minister of Finance Direct Debit and Returned Items account at a nil balance by:

  • Identifying the owner of chargebacks and returned items,
  • Contacting ministries notifying them of chargebacks and requesting reimbursement to GoA returned cheque account,
  • Working with the ministry to determine next steps,
  • Recording chargebacks in excel spreadsheet for follow-up purposes; and
  • Preparing deposits upon receipt of reimbursement of chargebacks from various ministries.

Provide training to ministries to ensure consistent application of best practice for banking processes by:

  • Identifying recurring issues in ministries or entities,
  • Working with staff to resolve issues,
  • Meeting with staff from other ministries and providing hands on training.

Ensuring the accuracy of IMAGIS and stand-alone cheque writer disbursement accounts by:

  • Review and evaluation of several subsidiary disbursement bank account reconciliations prepared by IBM and investigating discrepancies,
  • Referring discrepancies back to IBM for correction,
  • Signing off the reconciliation prior to sending to the Manager Accounting and Compliance for TBF acceptance; and
  • Sending signed copies back to IBM for their records.

Interchanging duties with Financial Banking Analyst position by:

  • Ongoing involvement with the activities and issues related to the position,
  • The scope of the above task requires review of all activity in the General Revenue fund bank account and journal entries prepared by all departments of the government of Alberta.
    • Liaise with various divisions in Treasury Board and Finance e.g. Banking and Cash Forecasting – Treasury Management, Financial Services to resolve discrepancies found in the process of performing the reconciliations. Work with Government departments to rectify errors in accounting.
    • Prepare multiple worksheets documenting diverse transactions for specific activities to ensure all activity is captured and correctly recorded. Work with high volume departments to ensure that systems remain in place ensuring prompt and accurate recording of all deposits to GRF. This includes providing advice and guidance, when necessary to members of other department’ financial services staff with respect to banking requirements for transfers of funds and deposits to accounts.
  • Ensuring that vacation and other periods of absence are coordinated with the incumbent of the position; and
  • Regularly taking on the GRF reconciliation to allow for seamless transitions when necessary.

Quarter End / Year End duties and other duties:

  • Directly involved in quarter end and year end closing activities including preparation of journal entries.
  • Oversee and troubleshoot the 131000 analysis monthly and at year-end including year-end inter-unit collapse process. Works with IBM and Fin Ops staff ensure the process is complete and accurate.
  • Involved in Yearly Escheatment process.
  • Works with other team members within the section and other areas of Financial Services as required providing support was necessary.



The internal areas impacted by the job are the Banking and Cash Forecasting Division, and Consolidations and Pension accounting group. External areas impacted are ministries that use the information provided by the bank reconciliations to prepare their financial statements and IBM Global Services that operate the government financial system (IMAGIS) and prepares bank reconciliations which are reviewed by this position i.e. Returned Cheque Account.

The incumbent plays a central role in problem solving of bank reconciliation issues for various ministries and IBM Global Services. The position carries the responsibility of ensuring that funding requests from IBM Global Services are processed through the appropriate bank accounts and corresponding journal entries are done to maintain accuracy of the government’s accounting records. All relevant information relating to bank reconciliations must be provided to the respective ministries in a timely manner in order for them to be able to complete their financial statements.

The reconciliation and review of inter-unit account balances that is part of the non-GRF reconciliations is imperative. TBF has the responsibility to collapse inter-unit accounts for GRF business units and to ensure that amounts owed between GRF and non-GRF accounts are accurate and up to date. If this is not completed in a timely and accurate manner, there is a significant risk to the ability of the GoA to close their accounts at year end.

Strong interpersonal communication and team building skills are utilized in the interaction with stakeholders such as department staff, Expenditure Officers, committee members, IBM, Service Alberta and other government employees.

The position also requires the ability to balance and handle both complementary and conflicting priorities in an effective and professional manner and to be able to adapt to change.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Technical Knowledge

  • High degree of technical knowledge is required in Query, nVision, Excel and Word. Ability to design and utilize spreadsheets and manipulate data is essential.
  • It is imperative to have a strong knowledge of IMAGIS and how transactions are processed in order to trouble shoot problems.
  • Ability to interpret and apply government and department policies and procedures.
  • In-depth knowledge of client’s legislation, regulations, policies and systems.

Accounting Knowledge

  • Knowledge of GOA financial policies and procedures.
  • Strong analytical skills are required.
  • Working knowledge of balancing and reconciliation techniques.
  • Strong accounting and financial management skills are required including an understanding of banking processes.


  • Show proficiency in computer applications and software tools such as MS Office including Excel, Word, Visio, Project, Outlook, IMAGIS Finance module
  • Consultation and interpersonal skills including the ability to develop acceptable solutions for issues involving a variety of requirements and stakeholders
  • Analytical research and problem solving skills to develop and recommend solutions for complex issues, respond to client requests for information, and investigate and analyze Communication
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and good interpersonal skills are necessary in order to interact extensively with expenditure officers, internal staff and other ministries.


  • Have a strong client based focus
  • Be able to work with stakeholders at all levels of the organization showing respect and consideration while ensuring compliance with regulations, policy and legislation
  • The incumbent in this position is expected to make operational decisions affecting day-to-day functions, and manage their own workload and time. As well, the incumbent must be able to conceptualize, plan and carry through to completion assigned tasks and projects.
  • The incumbent in this position is expected to be able to work through known problems and where necessary seek input from other team members. This position has access to assistance from colleagues and management.
  • As a team player, actively participate in developing a team approach to addressing issues.
  • Work with management to implement new policies and procedures.
  • Recommend changes to streamline processes and implement best practices.
  • Dealing with change in daily workloads and changing environment.

APS competencies:


  • Be able to provide alternatives to meet stakeholders needs based on the situation
  • Effectively manage multiple responsibilities at the same time


  • The ability to anticipate, assess, and readily adapt to changing priorities
  • Maintain resilience in times of uncertainty
  • Effectively work in a changing environment

Client Focus

  • Provide innovative solutions to clients to meet short term needs
  • Provide advice that takes into consideration the client’s longer term requirements

Problem Solving and Judgment

  • Resolve issues using the tools at hand
  • Understand the effect of possible solutions and be able to make the best choice from available alternatives

Develop self and others

  • Provide training and support for clients to develop and enhance compliance knowledge related to cash management and non-GRF banking processes
  • Staying up to date on the latest developments in legislation, regulations and best practices



Treasury and Risk Management staff

  • are dealt with regularly to ensure prompt transfer of funds
  • to resolve issues related to the function.

Banking contacts and Financial Services staff in ministries and entities

  • works with other ministries to ensure the accuracy of reconciliations and funding processes.

Manager, Accounting and Compliance and Director Accounting Operations

  • interact daily to provide advice and to obtain guidance where necessary.

Members of the Financial Operations team

  • provides back up to the position of Financial Banking Analyst in her absence.
  • interacts with members of the team to provide support during peak periods as well as cover off of other accounting duties as required.

Supervision Exercised



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