Position Profile

Job Title:  Manager, HR Client Services Manager

Work Unit:  Human Resource Services

Ministry:  Alberta Treasury Board & Finance

Competition Number:  1040624

Date:  February 2017

Position Summary


The HR Client Services Manager leads the development and implementation of departmental strategic human resource planning initiatives, policies, priorities and strategies, ensuring alignment with department business plan goals and enterprise wide human resource goals. This includes developing and overseeing department wide human resource initiatives related to succession planning, performance management, recognition, orientation, learning and leadership development. The Manager develops ministry specific strategies and programs to enhance the ministries’ ability to attract, retain and engage staff. Reporting to the Director, HR Services, and in partnership with senior and executive management within Treasury Board and Finance, the Manager provides consultation and advice on key human resource issues and priorities, in order to support the short and long term strategic direction of the ministry and influence organizational culture. The Manager represents the department’s interests and perspectives through participation in cross ministry human resource priority committees.

Specific Accountabilities


Works collaboratively with senior management in the department to identify, plan for and implement human resource strategies, solutions and services that support the department’s human resource priorities.

  • In conjunction with the Executive Director and Director, HR Services, consults with senior managers to determine appropriate human resource strategies, policies and priorities.
  • Leads the development and implementation of strategic human resource initiatives by researching, planning and developing strategies that address identified needs. Includes department wide initiatives such as performance planning, succession management, learning and development, orientation and recognition initiatives.
  • Ensures adequate research and consultation with senior management in the ministry, Corporate Human Resources and other government departments to formulate and coordinate human resource strategies and initiatives (example: Corporate Employee Survey).
  • Provides research on best practices, analysis and recommendations as well as environmental scanning, needs assessment and issues identification.
  • Conduct strategic workforce planning to identify strategic talent needs, assess internal and external talent gaps and create strategies to address the gaps.
  • Leads the analysis of labour market availability, trends and demographic data designed to identify challenges, gaps and opportunities related to succession and human resource planning.
  • Leads the conduct of employee focus groups designed to gather opinions and seek input on the development of human resource initiatives related to the multiple business lines within the department.
  • Provides advice and guidance to senior management regarding corporate learning priorities and initiatives.

Provides human resource consultation, expertise and support to management

  • Provides expert advice to senior management on key human resource issues, trends and strategic direction for the ministry.
  • Advocates and promotes the adoption of human resource practices and initiatives that enable the ministry to effectively realize its business plan goals.
  • Communicates and reinforces human resource policies, priorities and programs within the ministry.
  • Where appropriate, develops broad policies or frameworks to address strategic issues.
  • Develops and maintains strong partnerships with all executives, directors and unit heads.

Develops the yearly Human Resource Operational Plan for the department

  • Conducts department wide analysis and assessment of needs through consultation with senior management and staff.
  • Coordinates and/or facilitates human resources planning sessions.

Manages the department’s learning and career development program

  • Through consultation with senior management and employees develops strategies and approaches to address learning needs in the department.
  • Liaises with Corporate Human Resources, educational institutions and private contractors regarding learning initiatives, strategies and courses to address identified needs.
  • Oversees the work of the Career Development Advisor.

Participates in cross ministry committees

  • Represents the ministry by presenting department interests and perspectives on cross government human resource priority committees related to enterprise wide human resource priorities.

Knowledge / Experience


Undergraduate degree or diploma in commerce, business administration or social sciences, preferably with a specialization in human resource management is required. Considerable human resource management experience including project management and planning experience. Strong process facilitation skills. Good understanding of enterprise workforce plans and objectives. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with senior and executive managers to facilitate discussions and develop strategies. Strong leadership ability to set the vision and goals and achieve results.

Skills required:

  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Consultation, facilitation and issues resolution
  • Research, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Organization, coordination and project management skills
  • Political and organizational sensitivity and awareness
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills with the ability to work collaboratively
  • Solution and results oriented focus
  • Strong written and oral communication and presentation skills

Leadership and Business Know-How


The position leads the development and implementation of strategic human resource planning initiatives, policies and strategies. The position works collaboratively with senior management in the department, and consults with key stakeholders to coordinate human resource strategies and initiatives. The position also advocates and promotes the adoption of human resource practices and initiatives that enable the ministry to effectively realize its business plan goals. The position provides guidance to and leadership to the departmental Career Consultant.

Problem Solving


The position applies analytical and evaluative thinking to identify options and strategies to address major issues, and to develop and implement strategic human resource initiatives, policies and programs. The position must balance business needs with sound human resource practices and corporate human resource policy. The position reviews, evaluates, modifies and creates ministry human resource policies and programs ensuring that they reflect best practices and enable delivery of ministry programs and services.

Thinking is guided by a broad general framework of human resource management theory and practices; corporate and department human resource plans; human resource directives, authorities and accountabilities; collective agreement and related legislation; The Executive Director provides broad managerial direction to the position.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Executive Director, HR Services; Director, HR Services, HR Consultants


Work collaboratively to identify, develop and implement strategic initiatives.

Executive/senior management with Treasury Board and Finance

Weekly Provide information, consultation, and advice. Work collaboratively to identify, develop and implement ministry strategic human resource initiatives.

Departmental employees

Variable Provide consultation and advice to enable the resolution of human resource issues.

HR Professionals across the GOA

Weekly Share information and best practices.
CHR/External Resources Weekly Seek information and advice and collaborate on various human resource and learning initiatives.
External Consultants Monthly Share information and best practices. Organize joint training opportunities.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


This position requires an organization-wide focus, particularly for the development of the Strategic HR plan and issues identification. The process of developing the strategic plan and operational plan, while developed with the department and enterprise in mind, is one of constantly striving to develop HR goals, measures and strategies that support the diverse operations of the department in order to enhance organizational performance.

Detailed instructions are rarely given. It is up to the incumbent to determine new ways to translate environmental scans and executive management wants and needs into actionable strategies within the planning process.

Given the nature of the department’s priorities and direction, the position is also required to consult with stakeholders and colleagues to motivate others to accept change, participate and commit to longer term team direction.

Results directly impact on Treasury Board and Finance which has unique workforce planning needs.

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