Position Profile

Job Title:  Licensing and Program Services Specialist

Work Unit:  Operations Division, Provincial Programs Branch, Licensing and Resource Data

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1040610

Date:  February 2017



This is a key specialized position involved in program services, client services and data management for the delivery of the provincial recreational hunting and fishing license. The incumbent develops and delivers a license program in compliance with the Wildlife Act, Wildlife Regulation, the Fisheries Alberta Act (Canada), the General Fisheries (Alberta) Regulations, the Financial Administration Act and Fisheries and Wildlife Policies and Practices. The programs must operate efficiently, within legislation and within seasonal timelines in order to meet the Department's and Policy and Operation's goals and objectives. Service to the public is a primary focus and the program decisions receive a high public profile.

Responsibilities and Activities


Responsible for planning and coordinating the business and system operations for the Recreational Licensing Management (RELM) program. The application integrates all system recreational licensing services and provides license sales to the public through both online and through a network of private sector issuer locations. This position is the government representative accountable for system operation and integrity of all RELM processes.

Activities (Technical Services):

  • Plan, coordinate and develop an annual plan for complex system acceptance testing for both Issuer on online sales channels to ensure ReLM2 is developed and operates in accordance with all regulations and natural resource management policies. This in-depth test plan must include all possible variables and dependencies for license issuing. This requires advanced analytical skills, strong ability for detailed planning and a sound understanding of all implications of planned and proposed changes. Sole authority to approve and sign-off acceptance testing to move to the production environment.
  • Create test data and perform acceptance testing on ReLM2 is delivered through third party Licensing Services Agreement. This position insures that the service is available for the delivery of multiple programs developed for use by public stakeholders throughout the year. The incumbent manages program development to ensure that the system it operates within established service levels.
  • Determine timing of new system application releases and software configurations and determine when the program ready for release to customers.
  • Responsible for identifying and responding to changing program priorities and regulatory needs by recommending and planning future innovation.  Incumbent will recommend and identify changes in policy and program changes with Operations and Policy Division's Resource Managers and Justice and Solicitor General's Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch (FWEB) services. This requires ongoing collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Monitor and respond to any system failure or service outages including scheduled down times, to ensure issues are resolved and operations restored within a minimum amount of time. System outages result in very serious repercussions including inability to continue licensing services and revenue collection.  This requires superior analytical skills and judgement to assess impact of system failure.

Operational management of the contract dealing with the outsourcing of the sale of recreational hunting and fishing licenses to the private service provider. Ensure ReLM2 is developed and operates in accordance with the Licensing Services Agreement. Participate in regular meetings with the executive manager and the outsourced service provider.

Activities (Program Services):

  • The incumbent is the primary contact and interacts daily with various staff members employed by the service provider to ensure an efficient operation of the ReLM2 and license issuers who support Fisheries and Wildlife’s license programs.
  • Analyze regulation changes to determine how they affect the program. Prepare change requests to identify the scope and magnitude of each change. The regulations change on an annual basis at various times and the system must reflect and comply with current policy and legislation. The incumbent must plan, communicate and consult with Operations and Policy Divisions resource management, Justice and Solicitor General's Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch (FWEB) personnel and RELM program managers to fully understand the impact and consequences of the changes. Incumbent must also identify issues or potential issues associated with the change(s) and communicate these changes to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Organizes and plans operational requirements with the service provider. Develop and communicate directives, instructions, identify processes, requirements and timelines on an ongoing basis. Attend weekly status meetings and change review meetings to monitor activities, issues.
  • Sole responsibility for access and control of RELM2 production environment to support:
    • automated point-of-sale licensing services - The manner in which recreational licenses are sold and eligibility is determined thru a multi-layer table driven system. Responsible for the accurate maintenance of the tables which control license fees, revenue collection and distribution, license conditions, season dates, etc.
    • license programs – Multiple complex tables must be established and maintained to manage the operation and validation of regulations and policies as well as license rules, license combinations, verify license eligibility, various license applications, conduct special license draws, maintain control of the Outfitter-Guide allocation system (for commercial use of the big game resource) etc. Ensure all programs are delivered consistently and in compliance with policy and regulations. Entrusted with the authority and responsibility to carry out these functions in a real time environment. Incumbent is accountable and must be able to uphold licensing processes.
  • Required to react and respond appropriately, within every short time period, to public pressure and/or demands that may arise unexpectedly such as a requirement to set up a special quota hunt to manage crop depredation outside the normal regulated hunting seasons. A collaboration of efforts with staff and Communications is required to organize such a hunt.
  • Work collaboratively with fish and wildlife managers to provide licensing solutions in response to issues such as Chronic Wasting Disease management, multiple-tagging when extra harvest is required, and other specialized licenses.
  • Supervises processing of special license applications for Hunter Host, Outfitter-Guide, Draws, Landowner, Under4subscribed, general licenses, WISE program, tag reprints. Each component is complex in nature and vary in eligibility requirements.
  • Authorize licenses for exception cases that require overriding validation rules in the licensing programs such as residency status and license combination conflicts. Analyze impact of decisions such as adjusting draw priority levels.
  • Develop and create customized reports to extract licensing information for management decision making purposes. Operations and Policy Divisions and Justice and Solicitor General's Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch (FWEB) managers and biologists utilize data for statistics, setting regulations, season dates and quotas.

Plan, organize and conduct the annual Resident Big Game Harvey Survey program. The survey allows for both a random and select sampling of hunters from the RELM2 database to collect data on hunter harvest and activities. This program is a very crucial component for resource management decisions. Wildlife managers and biologists utilize the survey results to monitor resource usage, harvest success and hunter participation. All of these factors are taken into consideration for setting regulations, quotas, season dates and wildlife regulations for the next season.

Activities (Resource Data Management):

  • Responsible for the maintenance of ReLM2 to reflect current requirements and annual regulation changes.
  • Responsible for reporting any deficiencies with ReLM2 application being reported by the public to the service provider and maintaining an issues log to ensure problems reported are resolved in a timely manner.

Client service and satisfaction is a primary focus of this high profile licensing services program. Issues can be sensitive in nature and are subject to intense public and political scrutiny. Client dissatisfaction would result in substantial criticism through the media.

Activities (Client Services and Data Management):

  • Responsible for explaining and providing an understanding to staff and the public with respect to the data collected and captured in ReLM2. The data is private and confidential and is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). Public confidence must be maintained and respected to assure them their personal information will only be used for the purpose of natural resource management and administration including the enforcement of applicable laws and this purpose is not abused.
  • Supervise the management of license suspension information for infractions to the Wildlife and Fisheries Regulations. Charges are laid by Justice and Solicitor General's Fish and Wildlife Officers, RCMP, city police and other enforcement agencies. Utilizes the Enforcement and Occurrence Recording (ENFOR) application, communicates and interacts with Department of Justice and Solicitor General.
  • Supervise the management of license suspensions under the Maintenance Enforcement Act. Communicates and interacts with the Department of Justice and Solicitor General.
  • Provide licensing information to Department of Justice and Solicitor General Special Investigations Unit, Fish and Wildlife Officers, and enforcement agencies outside our jurisdiction for investigations by providing original documentation, conducting license searches, compiling background information, explaining licensing processes and procedures and attend court as a Crown witness. This requires an in-depth understanding of the current and historical data to determine where and what information is relevant.
  • Participate annually on the regulations committee and is responsible for ensuring all regulation changes are reflected in the annual fishing, hunting and draws booklet publications. Provides direction, written and oral to departmental Fisheries and Wildlife staff on these changes.
  • Manage updates and changes to licensing processes and procedures in the Licensing Manual, administrative forms (application forms and/or reporting forms) and the EP external websites.
  • Train all levels of staff (biologists, administrative, enforcement officers, radio control operators) across the province on the ReLM2 application including security access authorization for all users. This requires an adaptation of training to reflect different levels of experience and business requirements. Maintains a training module.
  • Respond to inquiries from the Information Centre, PAB or directly from the public. Contentious issues raised by the public (phone calls) are forwarded to the incumbent from the service provider, Issuers and field staff. Assist in responding to Action Requests, Telephone Requests, prepare information for Briefing Notes for the Minister's office. Service to the public receives a high public profile and short turnaround times.
  • Coordinate the retrieval of historical license data to provide accurate and complete hunting license history and records management.



Fisheries and Wildlife’s recreational licensing programs consist of complex eligibility requirements for several different license functions: special license draws for fishing and hunting, landowner special licenses, undersubscribed special licenses, general hunting licenses, sportfishing licenses, Hunter Host, Outfitter-Guide, youth hunting and Chronic Wasting Disease program.

  • Licensing services are provided through ReLM2 system consisting of a network of over 300 private license Issuers throughout the province.  Annual license sales total over 22 million to more than 350,000 stakeholders.
  • This position ensures the interaction of all system regulation and policy for License suspensions related to natives, sportfishing, hunting, migratory and are diverse automatic, by judge, failure to pay fine, judicial suspensions or maintenance enforcement suspensions.
  • A complex accumulated draw priority system is used in the special license draws which is actively scrutinized.
  • The hunting and fishing regulations change annually based on enforcement and biological requirements.
  • There are in excess of 120 different types of hunting and fishing licenses.
  • There are over 800,000 transactions processed annually.
  • Over one million WIN cards have been issued to stakeholders. License records and draw history must be accessed using complex and varied reporting tools.
  • Licensing consists of a variety and extensive stakeholder base of 300,000 anglers and 130,000 hunters annually.
  • Sales volumes consist of 130,000 Wildlife Certificates, 250,000 hunting licenses, over 320,000 draw applications, and 300,000 Sportfishing licenses annually.
  • Stakeholders are classified as residents, non-residents, non-resident aliens. Classification is different for fishing, hunting, youths and is different for licensing.
  • There are various license fees and license sales generate approximately 22 million in revenue annually. The fees are distributed to GRF (and dedicated revenue), the Service Provider (transaction fee and license commission), ACA. APOS and GST.

The operation of the ReLM2 systems directly affect the efficiency and accuracy of the private sector license issuers, the correct issuance of licenses, revenue collection and distribution of revenue funds.

The Game Harvest survey program directly influence future decisions on hunting season dates, harvest rates, and regulations.

The incumbent identifies plans, reviews, implements system enhancements, regulatory requirements and operational efficiencies regularly and on an ongoing basis.

The incumbent attends court as an expert witness with respect to licensing information. Subpoenas for court appearances include testifying at trials and providing written information to crown prosecutors.

Provides written and verbal communication regularly and on an ongoing basis:

  • with the public, detailed analysis and resolution in response to inquiries, action request replies and correspondence.
  • with Justice and Solicitor General Officers, Operations and Policy Divisions fisheries and wildlife biologists, administrative support staff, Service provider employees, a network of private license issuers regarding policy interpretation, licensing processes, procedures and regulations.
  • Communications Branch for content for News Releases and external website information.
  • Inquiries must be handled diplomatically, fairly and as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure accurate content and timely distribution of critical material published annually such as the fishing regulations, hunting regulations and draw booklet to private license issuers and government offices. Creative formatting and content required to produce user friendly publications. Unavailability of such documents to the public negatively impact licensing programs.

Liaison between the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS is a delegated authority for the commercial Outfitter-Guide allocation program), to ensure service to the public is provided in terms of adherence to correct license issuing procedures, monitor reporting compliance and retrieval of licensing data.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent communication skills to coordinate licensing system requirements with users and system developers.
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills to assess, implement and identify system requirements.
  • Extensive knowledge of Wildlife Act, Wildlife Regulations and Fisheries Regulations (federal and Provincial).
  • Extensive and complete knowledge of ReLM2 application.
  • In-depth knowledge of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation in order to assess and respond to requests for confidential information.
  • Analytical skills to understand and develop highly complex test environment and associated applications require excellent analytical skills in order that all aspects of the licensing programs are incorporated in ReLM2. Design and development of test cases are the sole responsibility of the incumbent.
  • Ability to accurately interpret and understand regulations to identify changes and realize impact of annual regulation amendments.
  • Accountable for the application of administrative policy and regulatory changes to the licensing programs.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Sound knowledge and ability to use Oracle Discoverer for accessing licensing reports. Requires knowledge of the data and the tables in order to extract accurate reports.
  • Experience in dealing with the public to assess and problem solve issues on a one to one basis and when necessary bring issues to supervisor's attention. Must be courteous, tactful and professional.
  • Strong organizational skills to be able to multi-task, effective time management and work with independence.


  • Operations Division, headquarter and field staff (senior management, fisheries and wildlife biologists and administrative). Policy Division, headquarter (senior management, fisheries and wildlife biologist and administrative).
  • Justice and Solicitor General's Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch (FWEB) headquarter and field staff (managers officers and administrative).
  • Public
  • APOS
  • Hunting for Tomorrow
  • WISB
  • Strategic Alliance Partner HP

Supervision Exercised

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