Position Profile

Job Title:  Administrative Assistant

Work Unit:  Tax & Revenue Administration - Strategic & Client Services

Ministry:   Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1040562

Date:  February 2017



Under the general direction of the Director of the Strategic and Client Services (SCS) branch of Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA), the incumbent will provide administrative support to SCS branch. This includes a variety of administrative support services as outlined in this position description.

The position works closely with the Director in a very diverse, fast paced team environment and is required to take whole branch focus in carrying out the responsibilities. Strategic and Client Service’s work has a significant impact or acts as driver to activities across the division and the department. While the position does not formally supervise, the position takes a lead role to coordinate the delivery of administrative services to the branch, providing training on administrative policies, providing assistance with the explanation and interpretation of policies. The position lends support to the SCS team.

The position provides professional executive level administrative support to enable the Director to effectively carry out their functions, ensure professional support for the SCS team as they guide the branch staff to carry out the activities of the branch, to oversee and ensure the branch’s procurement process is accurate and timely, and oversee to ensure branch administrative requirements are being met to ensure the smooth operations across the branch. The incumbent will ensure efficient and effective performance in carrying out all assigned responsibilities.

The incumbent will also work on and participate in TRA initiatives as requested.

Responsibilities and Activities


Maintenance of confidential files and information

  • Handle matters of a confidential nature as required.
  • Maintains a filing system for documents from the SCS branch.
  • Maintains confidential information from the SCS branch and the TRA division (as requested).
  • Assists with the coordination and storage of files with Central Records through prescribed guidelines.
  • Maintains a filing system for information required by SCS staff, including forms required in the FTE Management and staffing process, the Rewards and Recognition process, Stakeholder meetings, including a Bring Forward system for FTE Management and staffing process and any other matters.

Manage Director’s Calendar and oversee administrative operations of the Director’s office

  • Ensure clear and accurate information in managing the Director’s personal calendar, arrange meetings, including prioritizing and tracking deliverables and scheduling working time to complete tasks and meet deadlines. Assist others to access the Director’s calendar, screening requests to determine priority and impact to assist in scheduling
  • Using exceptional time management and organizations skills, preparation of daily file, to include all materials/files needed for meetings, projects and/or decisions and to carry out scheduled tasks, managing a bring-forward system, and allowing sufficient preparation time for the Director to ensure preparation for upcoming meetings or to meet obligations.
  • Review and prioritize all incoming mail, or requests, evaluating action required and tracking due dates, incorporating into the calendar or re-routing or assignment if applicable. Items are to be tracked to completion with appropriate follow-up to meet deadlines or turnaround time targets, and filed in accordance with records classification criteria for permanent storage and potential retrieval in the future.
  • Manage the calendar of the Directory, Strategic and Client Services and oversee the administrative operations of the Director’s office, including coordinating information for Executive decision making or response, drafting and maintaining correspondence, coordinating and setting up meetings internally and for external clients.

Support the administrative functions within the branch and across TRA.

  • Although the position does not formally supervise, the incumbent will ensure coordinated delivery of administrative services to the branch.
  • Mentor and provide training to the branch administration duties as required ensuring staff across the branch are well supported.
  • Provide training on administrative policies in the branch, providing assistance with the explanation and interpretation of policies within the division and the branch.
  • Update staff in the branch to ensure consistency in administrative processes across the division.
  • Code branch invoices for payment.
  • Completes IMAGIS time approval.
  • Distribution of mail, faxes and reports. Process all courier and registered mail for the branch.
  • Coordinating the flow of paper to the Managers and ensure priority items are brought their attention.
  • Create and update monthly spreadsheets and graphs using Excel (e.g., Tracking of staff absences, approved training and development expenses, and alternative work arrangement schedules).
  • Accurately record and summarize minutes from meetings.
  • Make arrangements for internal meetings and boardroom bookings using Outlook. Arrange for the necessary equipment and materials for these meetings. Receiving agenda items and preparing and distributing meeting agendas.
  • Liaison with building maintenance. Initiate requests to address plumbing and electrical problems for the branch.
  • Maintain fax, photocopier, printer and shredding machines and order toners, drums and place service calls as required. Troubleshoots issues with photocopier, printer etc. when within scope of knowledge and calls for service technicians when not.
  • Ensure supplies are stocked for employees of the branch, photocopiers, printers and fax machines.
  • Preparation of cubicles for new employees; Stocking cubicle with supplies, phones, chair, computer, etc. in accordance with the new employee orientation checklist.
  • Other administrative activities, as required, such as creation of charts, diagrams, reports from electronic data and support for projects
  • Take lead role in the branch to receive, assign, create and monitor Actions requests forwarded to the branch for action or created by the branch. Establish a process to monitor issues within Actions Requests, report trends and ensure responses are supplied in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Act for supporting the administrative functions to the ADM office. Perform ADM support role during incumbent’s absence.
  • Provides assistance to other Administrative Support positions in TRA as required, including the provision of cover-off for TRA front desk reception as requested.

Co-ordinate the compilation and distribution of management reporting

  • Follow-up for timely receipt of reports from all areas to the Director, the ADM and Senior Management.
  • Analyze report data to identify anomalies in expected trends, and transposition errors and initiate follow-up to resolve questions or errors prior to Director review.
  • Provide assistance to the branch by providing expertise in Word and Excel to ensure reporting provides clear and concise information in a format approved by the ADM.

Manages the records management function, Branch SharePoint site and TRA Home SharePoint site as requested

  • Handles classification, filing and disposition of records on behalf of the Director’s office, participates as the Director’s representative in classification review projects.
  • Maintains monthly tracking of staff development commitments with status updates to the Director.
  • Maintains an up-to-date tracking in the branch to monitor performance contracts are established for every employee, and year end reviews are completed in a timely manner.
  • Assists the Director to schedule a review of all performance contracts and learning and development plans completed annually, initiates follow-up actions with the Director for areas not meeting targeted turnaround times identified in the branch business plan.

Supports the Branch in planning and organizational initiatives:

  • Acts as the liaison with other Branches for administrative functions, obtaining input from management and the administrative support group as appropriate.
  • Serves as the coordinator for Strategic and Client Services and TRA of the Rewards and Recognition Program obtaining input from and feedback to the branch and TRA.
  • Maintains the rewards inventory within the branch and TRA, tracking rewards provided to staff and reporting quarterly to the Director.
  • Track and record all TRA Rewards and Recognition activity, including quarterly reporting.
  • Provide support services to external committees and working groups as directed to assist the Director to carry out assigned roles as a working member of those committees, tracking issues, and deadlines, preparing materials for the Director, or for distribution to the external committees.
  • Represent the interests of Strategic and Client Services in special projects within Treasury Board and Finance as assigned.
  • Facilitate and support the uploading of content, e.g., uploading files and ensuring content is current etc. for various SharePoint sites, e.g., MYTRA, TRA Marketplace etc. Represent the Director in the creation, population and on-going maintenance of data on the SCS SharePoint site.
  • Provides Management travel arrangements, booking transportation and lodging, securing facilities and hosting arrangements within established limits for client or staff meetings, ensuring approvals are obtained as necessary, hosting requests are pre-approved in accordance with signing authorities outlined in Treasury Board and Finance policy.
  • Coordinates the logistics for stakeholder meetings and acts as information resource and scheduler for consultant and TRA meetings.
  • Assists in the collection of data and preparation of special projects such as TRA Pilot initiatives, like JobOrtunity.
  • Participate, as required, in the implementation of TRA wide initiatives by completing assigned projects in a timely manner, thus contributing to the success of the initiatives.


  • This position supports the Director and 3 Managers with varied functional responsibilities in a Branch of approximately 6 government staff. The branch provides planning, development and operation. The work of the branch has significant impact on the work of the department and TRA.
  • This position must have a good working level of awareness in order to direct work, queries, and urgent requests routing through the Director’s office. This position provides a lead role to other branch administrative support staff through the oversight of administrative policies and standards in the branch; and the development, interpretation, and publication of Branch administrative Policies.
  • The incumbent will participate in cross branch or cross department projects as a representative of Strategic and Client Services. The incumbent will manage responses prepared for Minister, Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister concerning operations of the Branch ensuring Ministry standards and protocols are strictly followed.
  • The immediate supervisor reviews the work frequently during training and performs spot checks when the incumbent has demonstrated proficiency in performing the work. The work is reviewed for accuracy, completeness and to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • The incumbent will use discretion in prioritizing duties and assignments on a day to day basis and will use initiative to ensure task is completed in the most efficient manner.
  • Matters where policy and procedures do not provide sufficient direction, or would result in an undesirable outcome are checked with the direct supervisor. Also checks conflicts in scheduling work assigned where priorities are not evident or are completing which may not enable the incumbent to complete assignments within specific due dates. However, is expected to work independently within established timeframes to meet organizational deadlines.
  • Position requires a high degree of professionalism, initiative and self-organization.
  • The Administrative Assistant’s ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information is critical.
  • Strong communication and information management skills and sensitivity to the diverse interests of stakeholders are essential.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Good assessment skills and good judgment in assessing the importance of issues, knowing when to advise the Director/Managers of emerging issues or sensitive issues.
  • The ability to use initiative in producing high quality and high volume output with limited supervision.
  • Team player.
  • Position requires experience in a professional executive administrative support role, department and detailed knowledge on department procedures and policies concerning payroll, purchasing, expenditures, arranging for hosting, procurement, good knowledge of programs and services administered in the branch and the division, records keeping, P-Card and other requirements that facilitate a smooth running office environment.
  • Position requires effective time management and the ability to independently prioritize tasks and develop strong working relationships internal and external to the branch. The position must be able to work independently with minimal supervision, to make decisions and initiate action given their assessment of the priority of the work item. Working knowledge of MS Office Suite, SharePoint, Adobe Professional and ability to learn new programs quickly.
  • Ability to deal with multiple projects/requests/tasks simultaneously.
  • This position requires a grade 12 diploma and several years of administrative experience coupled with a service-oriented positive attitude. A two year diploma in administration or a related discipline is an asset.


  • Supervisor and TRA management to receive input, respond to inquiries, react to requests.
  • External parties including suppliers and stakeholders.

Supervision Exercised

  • N/A


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