Position Profile

Job Title:  Senior Treasury Analyst

Work Unit:  Treasury and Risk Management

Ministry:   Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1040534

Date:  February 2017



The Capital Markets group in the Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) division of Treasury Board and Finance (TBF) is responsible for overseeing the Province’s debt issuance and related risk management transactions as well as cash forecasting, policy development, portfolio research and performance analysis for investments that currently total over $35 billion.

This position reports to and assists the Director, Debt Operations and Corporate Finance in the administration of several programs and key functions, as well as, leads assigned projects in the treasury management area.

Major areas of responsibility for this role include: participating in government borrowing program transactions, which includes both money market (short-term) and term debt issuance activities; coordinating credit rating agency reviews and responding to rating agency inquiries; updating required legal and disclosure documents (including filings), as well as other material financial updates, in support of the Province’s debt programs and investor relations activities; leading projects focused on improving automation, operational efficiency and governance in the Capital Markets area; and assisting (when required) other areas of the Capital Markets unit in term debt settlement and payment processing to ensure continuity of treasury services during vacations and leaves.

Responsibilities and Activities


Debt Transactions

  • Participates in debt issuance and settlement activities which includes initiating and reporting debt transactions, preparing required documentation, and communicating with lead/syndicate banks to facilitate debt and any related derivative trading.

Debt Program Administration

  • Corresponds with internal and external legal counsel regarding updates to the Province’s debt programs with respect to prospectus updates and filing of regulatory documentation;
  • Requests, compiles and edits financial, legal and economic information from GOA ministry representatives to update prospectus filings and other disclosures as required;
  • Proactively contacts designated ministry representatives to request updated information for prospectus and other regulatory filings; and
  • Is cross-trained on processes for electronic filing of required documentation and prospectus updates in support of debt programs (e.g., disclosure submissions to listing authorities).

Credit Rating Agencies

  • Responsible for responding to all credit rating agency (CRA) inquiries and requests for information;
  • Coordinates (across various ministries and provincial corporations) the preparation and compilation of key financial and economic briefings for annual credit reviews held with the CRAs;
  • In conjunction with senior management, reviews CRA press releases, credit opinions and rating action reports for accuracy, completeness and indication of further rating action; and
  • Maintains credit rating agency ratings and communication documents on the TBF website and supplements investor relations messaging.

Policy & Governance

  • Maintains select treasury policies (e.g., the Treasury Management Policy) and updates ancillary governance documents when required and/or as directed by management; and
  • Participates on oversight committees as may be requested/needed.

Projects & Process Improvements

  • Designated lead for major process redesigns undertaken by the department (may be divisional or cross-ministry); and
  • Business lead for new and/or upgraded treasury installations (e.g., treasury management system) which may include the following duties:
    • Mapping procedures and workflows associated with existing and/or future processes as required;
    • Engaging TRM stakeholders to provide subject matter expertise for development of system functionality requirements;
    • Liaising with various divisions and ministries to ensure system functionality, data flow, security and technical specifications are acceptable to the GOA and affected stakeholders;
    • Drafting and issuing response documents, such as requests for information or proposal;
    • Participating in project working committee(s); and
    • Providing system operational and administration support.

Other Duties

  • Cross-trained on financial payments and settlements:
    • Sources system reports to verify payment and debt/derivative trade or fee information;
    • Prepares financial documentation for outgoing settlements on derivative trades and on-lent debt issuances, obtains appropriate authorizations, and instructs Banking unit to process for correct accounts;
    • Ensures receipt of funds for any treasury-related settlements due from provincial agencies;
    • Approves debt trades in the Debt Database (provided trades were initiated by another authorized Trader) and forwards all applicable trade tickets to respective parties; and
    • Prepares daily audit reports for verification of debt activity.



Borrowing programs require the incumbent to deal with many different financial institutions and service providers in Canada and abroad to ensure that procedures are in place to meet the requirements of the Province, and to ensure that terms of contract are being fulfilled.

Debt activity, servicing requirements and market forecasts are critical elements of the Province’s annual budget and TRM’s cash forecasting efforts.

Supporting daily operations, the incumbent will deal with several different areas within TBF (including Investment and Debt Accounting, Budget Development and Reporting, Financial Services, and Banking), as well as AIMCo and other provincial corporations.

Inter-departmental and divisional projects require collaboration and cooperation between various stakeholders within the division, across the GOA and with external vendors/organizations.

Borrowing programs require the incumbent to deal with many different financial institutions, legal representatives, service providers and other third parties in Canada and abroad to ensure that procedures are in place to meet the financing needs of the Province, and to ensure that terms of contract (including regulatory filings and disclosure requirements) are being fulfilled. These programs are necessary to fund capital and on lending needs and fiscal operations, and to ensure that financing is raised with the lowest debt servicing costs possible.

Derivatives are complex financial instruments that require a level of knowledge to understand their inter-relationship to each other and securities. A sound understanding of financial instruments is required to understand the overall business of treasury management.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Formal Education

  • University degree in Commerce or Business with a specialization in Finance or Economics; and
  • Completion or enrolment in the Canadian Securities Course, Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation and/or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is beneficial.


  • A solid understanding of investment finance and portfolio theory to produce coherent financial strategies;
  • Sound understanding of financial instruments and their complex inter-relationships;
  • An understanding of securities issued in the investment and/or debt industry; and
  • An understanding of basic accounting principles.

Working Experience

  • Minimum of two years of finance, banking or treasury working experience is required;
  • Direct capital markets and/or financial trading experience is desirable;
  • Related experience in areas of risk management and/or credit evaluation is beneficial; and
  • Direct project management experience is valued.

Skills and Abilities

  • Sound computer and financial software application knowledge and the ability to learn new systems are required;
  • Familiarity with in-house technology platforms (IMAGIS, SimCorp, Bloomberg, Debt Database) is desirable;
  • Strong mathematical and/or computer modeling skills is/are beneficial;
  • Having the ability to accurately describe and document procedures and map processes, and to assist in the development of new systems and procedures, is critical;
  • The ability to problem solve with strong attention-to-detail and to work without constant supervision are also important for success in this role.
  • Also key: having strong interpersonal skills and resolve to deal with a variety of government, external and foreign stakeholders, both technical and non-technical from a variety of professional fields.



This position deals with a highly complex and diverse group including senior financial officers, analysts, business analysts, auditors (both internal and external), and budget officers, in all departments, boards, corporations and agencies of the provincial government. The incumbent also works with trade support and business analysts in AIMCo (which provides back-office support for debt issuances and derivatives on behalf of the government), as well as a myriad of legal service providers and capital market/ banking representatives.

Supervision Exercised



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