Position Profile

Job Title:  Planning and Reporting Analyst

Work Unit:  Strategic & Corporate Services, Strategic Planning & Evaluation Branch

Ministry:  Alberta Advanced Education

Competition Number:  1040503

Date:  February 2017



The Strategic Planning and Evaluation Branch leads department-wide engagement in planning and provides evaluation services to the ministry. This includes: annual business planning and reporting; enterprise risk management; operational planning and reporting; strategic, policy and program evaluation; strategic and executive team planning; development and maintenance of department performance measures and indicators; and consultation and facilitation in support of these services.

The branch operates on the principles of active engagement, systemic design, and collective impact. Our mission is to help government adopt 21st century tools to tackle complex problems for the benefit of Albertans.

Working with the Manager, Planning and Accountability, this position is focused on the reporting functions and processes that enable the department to measure and evaluate its performance towards business plan goals. The Planning and Reporting Analyst performs the following critical functions in support of the department’s planning and accountability processes:

  • Lead development of the ministry annual report and the ministry’s contribution to the GoA annual report;
  • Build and lead ongoing operational reporting processes and tools in support of business planning activities;
  • Support development of the ministry’s business plan and the ministry’s contribution to the government strategic plan;
  • Support evaluation activities focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of department programs and services;
  • Support the manager and director in strategic planning activities;
  • Provide consultation and facilitation services to divisions and agencies in sound planning and reporting practices;

In fulfilling these core functions the Analyst liaises and consults with department staff and representatives of other departments and with Treasury Board and Finance, to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality planning and accountability documents.

Reporting to the Manager, Planning and Accountability, this position functions within the parameters of applicable Government and Ministry legislation, regulations, policies, directives, and procedures.

Responsibilities and Activities


Lead continuous improvement in planning and reporting quality and processes at all levels, working with the ministry’s leadership and content, design, evaluation, and performance measures experts so that the ministry’s public accountability is fulfilled in the most meaningful way possible.


Lead development of the ministry annual report and the ministry’s contribution to the GoA annual report.

  • Manage development of the ministry annual report to meet government standards and timelines.
  • Manage communication with and contributions from program contacts throughout the department.
  • Collaborate with the Information Designer to ensure the annual report design meets government standards.
  • Work with the Performance Measures Lead to ensure performance measures data, analysis, and methodology are incorporated appropriately into the annual report.
  • Work with Finance colleagues to ensure meaningful integration of financial information.
  • Collaborate with all contributors to ensure an integrated and analytical annual report narrative.
  • Ensure appropriate reviews and approvals, preparing briefings and making presentations as needed.
  • Work with the ministry’s internal communications consultant to develop and implement communications about and engagement with the annual report.

Build and lead ongoing operational reporting processes and tools in support of business planning activities.

  • Build processes that allow for the collection and analysis of information that enables the evaluation of Ministry programs and initiatives and progress towards Ministry goals.
  • Collect and analyze performance information on a periodic basis.
  • Prepare summary reports and briefings for Senior and Executive Management information and decision making.
  • Contribute to the development of tools to enable ongoing collection and analysis.

Support development of the ministry business plan and the ministry’s contribution to the government strategic plan. As required and in support of the Manager, Planning and Accountability:

  • For both plans, prepare and present briefings for executive regarding development and approval.
  • Collaborate with divisions, the Performance Measures Lead, and Financial Planning Branch to develop appropriate and cohesive content, measures, and expenditures.
  • Work with Treasury Board and Finance to ensure alignment with the government strategic plan and government priorities.
  • Work with Treasury Board and Finance to ensure the plan meets government standards.
  • Work with the ministry’s internal communications consultant to develop and implement communications about and engagement with the business plan.

For both ministry and GOA reports:

  • Work with Finance sector and planning contacts to improve meaningful integration of financial and non-financial material, develop spending highlights and key accomplishments, and to ensure financial components are correctly reflected.
  • Manage the reviewing and editing process to ensure accuracy and completeness and consistent presentation of information.

Support evaluation activities

  • Support the evaluation of department programs and services.
  • Support the development of a culture of evaluation through the preparation and delivery of resources and training.

Support Ministry strategic planning

  • Support the manager and director in developing and implementing strategic planning.
  • Ensure alignment between strategic, business, and operational planning.

Contribute to the achievement of the goals of the department, division, sector and branch.

  • Provide input and recommendations relating to issues, opportunities, and challenges associated with Branch and Sector programs and functions.
  • Develop briefings and other documents in response to requests from the Director and executive level.
  • Collaborate with department staff to ensure coordination and integration of activities, and promote collaboration within the Sector and Ministry, and with system stakeholders.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with Ministry and Government representatives and stakeholders.
  • Remain current and informed about Ministry issues, pro-actively reviewing and evaluating policies and programs.



The Planning and Reporting Analyst provides diverse services to the ministry, including analysis, coordination, consultation, and project management to support the core processes of strategic, business, and operational planning and reporting. Recommendations can influence the direction, design, and implementation of ministry policies and programs that affect stakeholders and Albertans. Issues are complex, diverse, and politically sensitive, so this position is expected to maintain a broad view of the ministry and its strategic priorities when providing information, analysis, and advice to ministry staff at many levels.

The nature of the position is highly collaborative and sensitive to the political and practical environment. The Planning and Reporting Analyst collaborates with ministry and government colleagues to coordinate and leverage efforts for best effect. The Analyst must be able to adjust priorities and negotiate effectively to identify and respond to organizational needs.

This position works within the parameters of established legislation, policies, plans, and guidelines, with significant discretion in determining how responsibilities are performed. The Manager, Planning and Accountability provides general guidance, reviewing work for quality of analysis provided, recommendations and conclusions developed, and level of professional judgment demonstrated.

This position is delegated considerable independence to determine areas of focus, exercising judgment when assessing needs and priorities, researching, analyzing, and presenting information and recommendations to ministry decision-makers. Matters with potential for significant impact on business area operations, resource allocation, planning documents, or branch and division functions are referred to the Manager, who is available for guidance when dealing with particularly sensitive issues or situations. The Manager also reviews briefings and recommendations destined for the executive level to ensure assumptions are valid and ministry goals and objectives are appropriately reflected.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The Planning and Reporting Analyst requires comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Ministry business plan and strategic priorities, as well as mandates, programs, and functions of business areas across the Ministry
  • Government strategic and policy directions and priorities as they relate to the Ministry mandate and initiatives
  • the organizational structure, business, and culture of the Ministry
  • client and stakeholder communities affected by the Ministry mandate and operations, including adult learning providers, relevant organizations, committees, advisory groups, and representatives
  • relevant Ministry policies, functions, and processes
  • strategic, business and operational planning and reporting processes and approaches
  • project management principles and strategies
  • effective communication principles, approaches, strategies
  • software tools used to carry out job responsibilities, including all MS Office applications and SharePoint administration
  • performance measures research methodologies
  • application of qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis

The Planning and Reporting Analyst requires strong, demonstrated abilities in:

  • systems thinking and creative problem solving
  • analyzing, synthesizing, and summarizing complex information
  • driving for results
  • developing effective networks and collaborative environments while balancing diverse needs and interests
  • managing change and negotiating innovative solutions to complex challenges
  • exercising discretion and diplomacy in a political environment
  • staff and executive engagement
  • communication: writing, presenting, training, facilitating, and negotiating
  • self-awareness, -management, and -development
  • team-building and developing others


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Branch staff

Weekly or daily

Ensure effective planning and reporting


Daily Report / receive direction on evaluations and projects


Bi-weekly and as needed Present updates to Director, or support Director in presentations

Program and policy staff across the ministry

Weekly / as needed Gather and share information

Planning and reporting colleagues across government

Monthly / as needed Share leading practices

Treasury Board and Finance

Monthly as needed Ensure alignment and compliance

Executive Director

As needed Report / receive direction
Executive Team As needed Prepare / present briefings

Supervision Exercised


This position does not directly supervise other positions.


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