Position Profile

Job Title:  Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Advisor

Work Unit:  Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), Gender Equality and Advancement

Ministry:  Alberta Status of Women

Competition Number:  1040458

Date:  February 2017



Status of Women (SW} has the responsibility to advance gender equality in Alberta. SW addresses issues facing women and girls in all their diversity that are not specifically addressed elsewhere in government. Gender·mainstreaming throughout the GOA, by fully adopting Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), is critical for addressing gender inequality.

The GBA+ Section provides specialized expertise and leadership in the areas of:

  • expand the gender and intersectionality lens across the whole of GOA
  • differential effects of policies and programs, assessing current approaches
  • accessing enhanced data, information and analysis
  • seeking opportunities and innovative solutions to address barriers and promote enablers
  • awareness of systemic and structural barriers being reproduced by GoA policies and programs

Reporting to the Senior Manager, GBA+, this position works collaboratively with staff in other departments, stakeholders and community. The Advisor designs, develops and delivers training on GBA+ and provides support, advice and analysis to units implementing GBA+.

Responsibilities and Activities


With the Senior Manager and GBA+ team, the GBA+ Advisor is responsible for designing, developing and revising the Ministry GBA+ training modules

  • Draft materials that address GOA policy, perspective and requirements of the various Ministries and work units, while advancing the GOA's commitment to gender equality
  • Develop and implement customized instruction and learning methodologies to meet participant differences and needs
  • Work with other units across SW to remain current on information and emerging issues regarding gender equality to inform and update materials
  • Ensure a robust system for evaluation is part of the training program development and implementation, and training materials are adjusted for continuous improvement

This position is responsible for delivering training on GBA+ across the GOA to ensure policies and programs reflect gender and diversity

  • Providing part day, full day and multi-day training workshops to GOA work units covering what GBA+ is, how it is used, case studies that demonstrate the value of GBA+, tools for implementation, etc.
  • Address different learning styles through the use of multiple training techniques to engage the adult learner (e.g. presentations, experiential exercise, guided discussions, practices and simulation exercises)
  • Conduct follow-up to understand and assess the results of training, how it is being used, additional supports to advance the use of GBA+

Partner with stakeholders to build strong relationships within the GOA as well as across stakeholder groups and community to advance gender mainstreaming

  • Represent SW on government, stakeholder and community committees
  • Participate in cross-ministry initiatives that have implications for gender equality
  • Develop and/or disseminate information and reporting on gender equality

Contribute to Section, Division and Ministry corporate responsibilities and work culture

  • Complete Ministerial Action Requests and briefing documents as required
  • Contribute to Section planning and related operational planning and reporting (including evaluation of GBA+ training program)
  • Supporting co-workers and new employees through information sharing and mentoring



Reporting to the Director, GBA+, the GBA+ Advisor has an important role in ensuring gender and diversity are considered in GOA policies and programs impacting the ministry, government, community and stakeholder organizations, and Albertans. This position is delivering training on GBA+ and providing gender based analysis across GOA. It is essential this position works collaboratively with government, stakeholders and community to achieve results. Much of the work managed by the GBA+ Advisor encompasses diverse subject matter, are strategically sensitive and complex. There may be occasion when supervision of less experienced or administrative staff is required on project basis.

This position collaborates with staff throughout the GOA, other levels of government, community organizations and women when identifying issues; clarifying impacts of various policy and legislative options; providing decision-making process advice; and developing input and recommendations for the consideration of senior decision makers. There is an expectation that all information and associated analysis provided by the GBA+ Advisor is substantiated, comprehensive and reliable. This position requires initiative and creativity when coordinating complex projects, and when reviewing and evaluating existing policies and programs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • A university degree in a social science or related field
  • Experience and comfort with teaching and/or public speaking
  • Understanding of a feminist, anti-racial, anti-oppressive framework
  • Knowledge and experience working with the larger, systemic context of issues facing women and girls in Alberta, such as:
    • Systems of oppression and their effects on women and girls in general and in Alberta specifically
    • Root causes and effects of gender discrimination and gender inequality
    • Anti-oppressive frameworks and practices and their application to policy and program development and implementation
    • The multiple and intersecting factors that contribute to the oppression and marginalization of women and girls in all aspects of their lives
    • The dynamics of privilege and power that affect relationships inside the department and among the communities in which we work
  • Sound knowledge in government processes including legislative process, regulatory process, reporting to cabinet, and other government decision-making
  • Excellent understanding of the policy cycle and experience leading teams and/or projects through the various components
  • Expertise in Gender Based Analysis Plus GBA+
  • Leadership experience that includes management of projects, working with cross-functional teams, building linkages with diverse stakeholders, program development and implementation
  • In-depth knowledge of systems thinking, the approaches and components to systems design models and understanding of complexity and system leverage points
  • Understanding of contemporary and historical machineries for Status of Women in Canada and the challenges within
  • Well developed and effective communication, mediation, negotiation and facilitation skills
  • Experience and ability to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, including highly developed skills in community engagement


  • Agility - ability to anticipate, assess and readily adapt to changing situations and issues, remain objective under pressure by making well-thought through decisions when there are competing and ambiguous priorities, champion a plan of action, quickly read a situation and gain an understanding of individual and environmental drivers.
  • Develop Networks - seek to understand the perspectives and needs of internal clients, build relationships by following through on commitments, influence.
  • Creative Problem Solving - ask questions to get a deeper understanding of issues, engage different perspectives, break problems down into manageable components, constructively challenge the way things have always been done, and create strategic solutions for challenges.
  • Drive for Results - set and accomplish goals and priorities, factor in complexity of issues and align plans based on government direction, remove barriers to collaboration, provide informed advice.
  • Systems Thinking - consider emerging trends and recognize how they relate to government programs and policies, seek information and analyze potential outcomes of different approaches.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact


As needed

Provide policy or program updates, advice or recommendations when required for particular projects

Deputy Minister

As needed

Provide policy or program updates, advice or recommendations when required for particular projects

Assistant Deputy Minister

As needed

Provide policy or program updates, advice or recommendations when required for particular projects



Provide and receive operational program and project planning updates; collaborate on developing Section initiatives

Section Co-workers

Daily or as needed

Provide advice and information; collaborate on strategic initiatives; collaborate on meeting the goals of the Section and the Ministry

Other SW Units

Regularly or as needed

Participate in representing the section; provide inputs, reports and recommendations; collaborate on strategic initiatives; provide updates and reports on section activities and plans; provide subject matter expertise


Other levels of government


Share information/collaborate on initiatives

Non-profit and private sector


Share information/collaborate on initiatives

Public Occasionally  


As needed

Negotiate and administer contracts for services; review and approval deliverables

Supervision Exercised



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