Position Profile

Job Title:  Surveillance Veterinarian

Work Unit:  Food Safety Division, Animal Health and Assurance Branch, Animal Policy and Epidemiology Unit

Ministry:   Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1040381

Date:  February 2017



This is a full time position that provides animal health surveillance and disease investigation expertise to fulfill the mandate of Animal Health and Assurance Branch (AHAB). This position develops and implements surveillance projects that meet the needs of ongoing Branch programs The position has the ability to link and interpret surveillance data and information with a sound working knowledge of veterinary epidemiology. The incumbent would provide advice to management and the Chief Provincial Veterinarian (CPV) regarding animal health and food safety surveillance. This position participates in on-farm disease investigations at the request of the CPV or through referral s from private food animal veterinary clinics. The incumbent would be required to advise and co-ordinate technical staff to conduct disease investigations. The position provides scientifically valid and accurate animal health and food safety information to stakeholders. The position requires strong communication s skills to effectively communicate surveillance findings through lectures at seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings and discussions with veterinarians and producers. The position requires the incumbent to combine scientific expertise in veterinary medicine, project management and team leadership to supervise surveillance projects.

Responsibilities and Activities


Responsible to lead in surveillance by establishing scientifically validated projects and programs

  • Lead livestock and poultry health surveillance projects
  • Compiles, analyzes and interprets periodic and targeted data, to promptly and accurately identify emerging surveillance priorities and opportunities.
  • Leads teams to plan, design, source funding, complete and write and report scientifically valid, multi-disciplinary research projects.
  • Presents and publishes surveillance findings to management, veterinarians, researchers, related industries and the public.
  • Promotes accomplishments of the Alberta surveillance programs nationally and internationally
  • Responsible to develop new knowledge through long-term surveillance

Responsible to advise and carry out disease investigations

  • Carries out disease investigations at the request of CPV in cooperation with technical staff, referring veterinarian and producers
  • Works with CPV and AHAB team to develop policies pertaining to animal health and food safety
  • Participates in Disease Investigation (DI) team to decide joint policies regarding investigations, training and standards
  • Creates and contributes to Standard operating procedures, disease response plans
  • Uses existing criteria to assess veterinary referred cases for investigation
  • Creates reports for DJ team lead, DI Team veterinarians and producer in an appropriate format

Responsible to develop, expand and maintain expertise in surveillance

  • Shares information about new surveillance techniques and tools to improve expertise and scientific standards of Alberta's veterinary infrastructure
  • Provides advice regarding risk assessment and mitigation to AHAB teams
  • Partners with industry association and other agencies to identify emerging issues related to animal health, market access, food safety and public health
  • Networks with producer, industry and veterinary groups to remain aware of emerging concerns, maintain awareness of Alberta's animal health status and to build partnerships for future surveillance
  • Reviews surveillance and applied research projects developed by other scientists to ensure scientific standards are met
  • Trains, advises and assists staff, other specialists and members of the livestock industry in basic concepts of surveillance and study design as appropriate

Responsible to advise on and assist with effective project management of surveillance projects and programs

  • Works with other AHAB staff to coordinate projects and programs
  • Uses project management concepts for managing projects, including ensuring budget s, risks and outcomes are maintained monitored and fulfilled respectively
  • Advises technical staff of planning and priorities in order to increase the efficiency and quality of project results
  • Provides advice to management and other veterinary scientists regarding planning and priorities in order to improve program efficiency and the quality of scientific information
  • Provides timely reports to management on project progress and upon completion through developing and publishing reliable information on animal health and food safety surveillance projects


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