Position Profile

Job Title:  Administrative Support (Part-Time 80%)

Work Unit:  Peace Region / Operations Division

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks (EP)

Competition Number:  1039941

Date:  January 2017



This Administrative Support 4 (AS4) position is the sole administrative support for the Provincial Grazing Reserve Program within Peace Region. The main responsibility of this position is administrative and program support for the PG R program, licensing, customer service and assistance to Agrologists and field staff in the Fairview office. This position is the front line contact for all the various program areas including Provincial Grazing Reserves, Rangelands, Fish and Wildlife Licensing and Lands. The position has significant contacts with both public and private sector individuals/groups and requires considerable knowledge of legislation, regulations, acts, policies & procedures, bylaws and directives of Provincial Grazing Reserves, Fish and Wildlife Licensing, Lands & Rangelands in order to explain and interpret them.

Judgement is required to determine how these guidelines are to be applied to specific department situations. The administrative support must assist with resolution of concerns and conflicts, all of which requires excellent communication, interpersonal and conflict resolution skills. This AS4 also requires considerable knowledge of Alberta Government organization practices and standards.

This position maintains responsibility for their workload management and problem solving within the scope of authority. This position is an integral part of the office team and contributes input into the administrative decisions of the office.

Supervision of this position is located in Peace River so this administrative support position works with considerable independence and will make day-to-day operational decisions where policy/procedure has been outlined.

Responsibilities and Activities


Client Service and License Sales

  • Providing information that ensures multi-use opportunities are available to allow reasonable access to all users by:
    • Assisting Management Team and agrologists to ensure multiple use concerns are addressed by explaining reasoning and importance of multiple use and processes used to resolve issues. (Bill 16).
    • Informing Management Team and/or agrologists of requests received and concerns arising.
    • Explaining departmental policy and decisions to the public.
    • Dealing with multiple use opportunities on the Grazing Reserves, communicating with Grazing Associations, recreational and industrial users.
  • Front-line contact for the Fairview EP 2nd floor office therefore interacting with numerous and various members of public and Government agencies providing excellent communications and resolutions to concerns, assisting clients in completing application forms, PGR allotment, land disposition requests, reservation review requests, assignments, finding information and aerial photographs and numerous other rangeland and industrial applications.
  • Provide accurate information to clientele regarding hunting, trapping and fishing regulations and other information requested.
  • Issue various licenses such as Trapline renewals, Partnerships and Relinquishments, Domestic Fishing Licenses, Landowner Special Licenses, Damage Control Permits, Found Dead Wildlife Permits, Hunter Host Applications, Export Permits and Commercial Fishing Licenses.
  • Complete Statutory Declarations where necessary (i.e. hunter tag/license loss and accidental trapping).
  • Register furs within licencing time frame.
  • Maintain the license inventory system for all licenses issued from the office.
  • Gathering information, updating and mailing application forms each year for the PGRs in the Region. Entering applications received on the Grazing Reserve Management System (GRMS). Scheduling allotment meetings with PGR Management Team, Agrologists and Grazing Associations and attending meetings as required. Compiling and providing reports on applications using GRMS and/or Excel spreadsheets prior to meeting. Responsible for accurately recording and calculating number of AUMs applied for, allotted and grazed.
  • Utilizing technologies, such as Geographic Land Information Management and Planning System (GLIMPS) and GRM to enhance customer service and land management decision-making. Creating and developing reports (using graphs, etc.) for compilation of statistical information highlighting trends and problems as well as historical data.
  • Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta for EP.
  • Additional items as required to fulfill the intent of the JSG/EP Memorandum of Understanding Admin Protocols document.


  • A thorough knowledge of financial policies and procedures is required.
  • Responsible for receiving revenue by way of cash and cheques.
  • Issues receipts for a variety of accounts which may include application and annual rental fees for agriculture, permits, industrial and commercial dispositions, license sales, land sale payments, timber dues, security deposits, collection of application fees, PGR HTP and rental revenues for the Grazing Reserves looked after by this office.
  • Ensure proper tendering and contract formats are used.
  • Retrieve information from Corporate Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) in order to advise clients of their account standing and research discrepancies and request corrections as required. Check TPR accounts and calculate interest when receiving monies from clients. Request client ID's when required.
  • Ensure accountable documents (Form 9's) are stored securely.

Office Administration - Provide administrative and program support to the work unit.

  • Responsible for own workload management and problem solving within the scope of authority.
  • Keep accurate records of communications with clients and any decisions made.
  • Maintain the approved records management system and provide access to information by efficient record keeping and file management. Ensuring proper scheduling and disposition of records as per approved schedules.
  • Backup to act as coordinator and contact for Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), ensuring a safe and hazard­free worksite for all employees.
  • Collect, respond to and/or distribute incoming mail and parcels as required. Prepare all outgoing postal and government courier mail.
  • Responsible for office openings and closings as well as maintaining an efficient, tidy office.

Administrative assistance to staff within the office, Grazing Associations, their patrons and other divisional staff as required.

  • Draft, compose and prepare a variety of correspondence, reports, tables, charts, spreadsheets, presentations and other documents for general public, staff and Grazing Associations
  • Organizing and preparing for various meetings including the Annual General meetings and PGR annual tours.
  • Preparing Head Tax Permit (HTP) grazing applications.
  • Updating maintenance plans, asset listings and preparing Schedule C invoices (April and December) based on accurate and up-to-date information on GRMS.
  • Entering HTP charges manually into CARS (Corporate Accounting and Reporting System).
  • Entering information into GRMS system within acceptable timeframes (applications, allotments, herds, fields, entry/exit/death reports, utilizations, etc.). Creating necessary reports throughout year, providing a reliable and accurate reporting system regarding pasture utilization in order to assist Grazing Associations, PGR Management Team and agrologists in the effective management of the grazing reserves
  • Data entry, messaging retrieval and interpretation of information from a variety of applications using departmental software, e.g. GLIMPS, GRMS, TPRS, ADEPT, LSAS, CARS, as well as commercial software and the Internet. Data entry information has specific deadlines that must be met to ensure operational delivery targets are met for the Department
  • Cross-train with other admin. in office to assist Rangeland Agrologists in the preparation and conducting of public land auctions including attending the auction, recording and preparing required documentation, preparing and distributing annual stock return forms, entering information received and updating file information. Scanning and downloading photos, maps, plans and documents; editing and enhancing graphics and documents for use in electronic or hardcopy form.



The Administrative Support staff report to the Finance & Admin. Unit who reports to the Peace Region Business Support Manager. This office is made up of Provincial Grazing Reserves, Rangeland Management and Land Use Operations of EP. This requires administrative support to have a wide and diverse knowledge of services to provide to the public and field staff. The position provides complex and diverse support services to the PGR Management Team as well as the Grazing Associations looked after by this office. This administrative support performs with n high degree of independence, limited supervision and includes packaging and processing of non-standard documentation and associated schedules. PGR Management decisions are based on research, reports and judgments of this position so accuracy and dependability is essential. Responsibilities of this position are complex and require the ability to manage multiple projects on an ongoing basis. Independent decision-making, accuracy, reliability, setting priorities and working within timelines are essential in order to meet Department and stakeholder needs. This position is largely self-managed and is solely responsible for revenue received. It is important to be well organized and able to work independently as well as with others as this position is linked to many departmental systems that coordinate disposition approval and authority to enter public land.

Administrative Support assists stakeholders and users of public lands in person, by telephone or indirectly via mail to understand legislation and to resolve concerns and conflicts. They are usually the first person to receive public complaints. Excellent interpersonal skills are required to determine the problem, assist to resolve the problem, or refer the client to the appropriate staff member or manager. This position is responsible to make decisions on a daily basis regarding enquiries from various government departments, field staff, grazing associations and patrons as well as general public.

Internal client services are provided through a variety of developed skills and extensive computer experience to perform such tasks as complex document preparation, data compilation, data input, and research through many medias such as specialized software packages, websites, aerial photos, and digital and topographical maps.

The EP offices manage many politically sensitive issues and the Administrative Support must practice effective communication when dealing with MLA's, Executive Directors and affected clients and must be aware of the sensitivity of information that is passed on to all clients.

The office Administrative Support staff must be flexible, adapt well to change, work closely with a wide variety of personalities and be prepared to provide assistance in all circumstances related to the business of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, through extensive cross training.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Knowledge and understanding of: Public Lands Act & regulations, Freedom on Information and Privacy Act, Alberta Township Survey System, Administrative systems and procedures, records management, finance and contract policies & procedures relating to various permits, licenses and dispositions issued by the department and capable of interpretin2 and advisin2 others and makin2 responsible judgements when advising clients.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act and regulations and the ability to access that information.
  • Terminology related to Provincial Grazing Reserves, Rangeland Management, Land Use Operations and other divisions of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and government in general.
  • Superior working knowledge of office procedures and proficiency in automated office systems such as MyAgent, ExClaim 2, LSAS (Land Standing Automated System), CARS (Corporate Accounting & Reporting System), Microsoft - Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, GRMS (Grazing Reserve Management System), GLIMPS (Geographic Land Information Management & Planning System), CORES (Corporate Registry), SPIN 2 or ALTA (Alberta Land Titles Administration), Internet, Adobe and other related programs.
  • This position must have a thorough understanding of land use practices in order to process applications and permits
  • Knowledge of PGR program and its specialized complexities and use of specific terminology.
  • A high school diploma, including relevant courses, and several years of progressively responsible experience is required. A two-year business administrative diploma would be an asset.


  • A positive attitude and the ability and flexibility to handle change.
  • Creativity and a willingness to learn new skills.
  • Mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to interact with others in a professional, courteous manner while being consultative in resolving matters.
  • Proficient and professional written and verbal communication.
  • Interpret & follow complex instructions, both written and verbal
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and deal with multiple interruptions.
  • Able to multi-task.
  • Effective time management skills and excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision and accepting responsibility for duties performed.
  • Understand and maintain a high degree of confidentiality.
  • Analytical ability with particular attention to detail, making sound judgements based on independent research.
  • Independent problem solving ability (Showing initiative to solve unusual as well as common work problems and being creative in reasoning ability and arriving at conclusions).



This position is front line contact for inquiries and complaints, receiving payments, assisting clients in completing application forms, finding information on a variety of topics such as aerial photography, topographic, access and soil classification and maps.

Position provides client service and maintains working relationships and contact with a wide range of stakeholders and exchanges information related to Provincial Grazing Reserves, Lands, Rangelands and Fish and Wildlife program staff by way of telephone, counter and e-mail to general public, lessees, industrial companies, recreational users, environmental groups, municipal governments, departments and ministries of the Government of Alberta and any other parties interested in the business of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

Stakeholders include Provincial Grazing Reserve Associations, general public, Guides, Outfitters and trappers, industrial and recreational users, contractors, vendors, other EP staff in the area and provincially, local municipalities and various Government Departments.

Maintaining a high level of co-operation with internal and external clientele, such as Head office staff, Management Team, PGR staff, Grazing Association Board of Directors, Secretaries and Pasture Managers as well as individuals involved in the oil and gas industry.

Supervision Exercised



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