Position Profile

Job Title:  Case Aide

Work Unit:  NW Child and Family Services - Grande Cache

Ministry:   Alberta Human Services

Competition Number:  1039342

Date:  November 2016



The Case Aide will provide various levels of support to delegated Caseworkers who are providing mandated services. The responsibilities of the Case Aide could include all aspects of non-delegated case duties normally performed by Caseworkers as well as several administrative position duties.

Responsibilities and Activities

  Under the direction of the Casework Supervisor and Delegated Caseworker:

Work with Casework Supervisor and Delegated Caseworker to apply the mandate of the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act to protect children whose survival, security, and development is endangered.


  • Assist Caseworkers with casework activities.
  • Research community resources and treatment information as required by the Caseworker.
  • Arrange/attend with the Caseworker case related conferences and follow up on assigned tasks.
  • Attend staff meetings/supervision/case conferencing/training as required.
  • Assist Caseworkers in preparation and execution of legal documents.
  • Assist the Caseworker in the completion of file documentation, on-going case reviews, safety assessments, completing genograms, social and family history and life-books. This may require face to face contact with clients and other collaterals to gather required information.
  • Collect support documentation for client files such as medical records, school reports, etc.
  • Assist with completion of Referrals.
  • Assist with file reviews to ensure consistency and policy compliance.
  • Assist with obtaining reports from service providers.
  • Provide transportation for clients, service of subpoenas, pick-up and delivery of documents or client materials, and attend clients' homes/workplaces to get documents signed.
  • Supervise family visits and document.

Administrative services are provided to support effective and efficient operations.


  • Create and maintain all filing and record systems as per Records Management and FOIP policies. These complex files are unique to Child Protection and would include file opening, updating and file maintenance functions. Ensure files are tracked and organized appropriately. When opening new files, determine previous involvement, if any, and submit file requests when required to other offices and to the records centre. Ensure only one file is active and that all available paper files are requested and merged. Enter flags into ISIS for file locations and involvement with OBSD.
  • Intervention Services files: If a file is being opened, complete all necessary documentation to open a paper file. Ensure Alberta Health Care cards are requested, file has an original registration of live birth and a birth certificate, child or foster parents receive an active treatment services card, an accurate face sheet is on the file for easy reference and ensure that the legal authorities that have been entered are correct as per the court documents.
  • Perform inventory of files on an annual basis and process files for transfer to Records Storage. Verifying that the file is ready for storage according to the Child Services Policy and Records Management Policy.
  • Ensure forms are available.
  • Complete highly sensitive child intervention checks for the public using the ISIS and CYIM systems.
  • The position supports the programs by the production of graphs and charts, creation of form and data collection for monitoring and evaluation reporting, construction of genograms and entering tombstone data in documents.
  • Responsible for vehicle maintenance, monitoring of repairs and services required to ensure that the office has dependable and reliable transportation. The incumbent tracks the km usage and ensures that tires are changed out for winter and summer and tires have been torqued.
  • In the reception component of this position, the incumbent receives inquiries from the public via phone and in person and directs to the appropriate person or program including intervention, AB Works and other Human Services Programs.
  • The incumbent is the primary contact for the site video conferencing equipment. This involves managing the VC scheduler and providing assistance with connecting to conferences as needed.
  • The position is responsible for all incoming and outgoing courier and regular mail.
  • Provide cross training to others as necessary on the Administrative Assistant responsibilities.
  • Print off and reconcile vehicle expenses for site in ARI system.
  • Other administrative duties as assigned.
  • Enters personal client information into multiple systems and data bases to create and update client files.
  • Refers clients directly to Program Delivery Specialists form provision and/or transitional planning series as appropriate.
  • Using multiple systems and databases to verify documents already received and determine any that are missing.
  • Providing clear explanations to clients as to which documents meet requirements, how to obtain and submit documents, and when responses can be expected.
  • Making referrals to program areas as required.
  • Creates records of services(s) and related service levels for clients, as well as records of next steps and responsibilities of involved parties to meet established goals and outcomes over a specified period of time.
  • Uses multiple information technology systems and databases to update plans and ensure their accuracy and providing client-specific information.
  • Develops and maintains collaborative relationships within a team environment to support continual improvement.
  • Liaises with representatives of other Human Services programs, other ministries and external organizations and agencies to resolve issues and support continuous improvement in the delivery of social-based programs and agencies.


  • Activities conducted are directed by a Casework Supervisor to ensure that client needs are being met.
  • Client contact may be short term or for extended periods depending on the task assigned.
  • Work necessitates awareness of child intervention system, community resources.
  • Strong teamwork, supportive supervision integral to job.
  • Significant skills are required to collect and obtain information.
  • Rapport and engagement skills are needed to work with youth and families.
  • Work is performed within specific guidelines in terms of what information needs to be collected and how it will be collected.
  • A vehicle is required for this role.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Awareness of:

  • Applicable legislation (Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act; Drug Endangered Children Act; Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act; Protection Against Family Violence Act, FOIP) to the Caseworker role.
  • Indicators of child abuse; physical, mental, emotional, psychological.
  • Child/adolescent development to recognize appropriate/inappropriate behavior.
  • Adult development.
  • Family dynamics and developmental stages of families.
  • Awareness of medical, psychological, psychiatric disorders and social problems that impact the child (i.e. FASD) in order to assess the family situation.\
  • Awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder, drugs and alcohol, separation and loss.
  • Community services and resources.
  • Various Human Services Programs.
  • Cultural awareness of self and others (e.g. Ethnic and religion).
  • Code of Ethics of Alberta College of Social Work.
  • Knowledge of Information Technology.
  • Family Support for Children with Disabilities Act.
  • Family Violence Act.
  • Child Care Subsidy.
  • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act.
  • Employment and Training Services.
  • Income Support Act.
  • Health Benefits.
  • Office of the Public Guardian/Trustee.
  • Child and Youth Financial Supports.


  • Beginning ability to interview various client groups.
  • Ability to identify and resolve conflict.
  • Ability to demonstrate oral and written communication.
  • Beginning level intervention/crisis management skills.
  • Ability to advocate for clients.
  • Demonstrated organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to maintain positive image of CFS.
  • Information Technology skills.


  • Child, family and extended family.
  • Service providers - to consult and ensure that services agreed upon are maintained and meet client needs.
  • Supervisor/Peers for case consultation and information sharing.
  • Contact with placement resources.
  • Other staff for consulting, debriefing, information sharing.
  • With community and department resources to explain procedures, respond to inquiries.
  • Various Human Services Programs.

Supervision Exercised

  • Supervisor assists in development/instruction of skills and knowledge of Child Intervention procedures and policies.
  • Case Aide to develop a learning plan in consultation with the Casework Supervisor.
  • Supervisor establishes work priorities and consultation on directions regarding tasks assigned.
  • Regular consultation meetings to ensure adherence to direction provided.
  • Supervisor provides guidance and support (i.e. debriefing, learning opportunities).
  • Reviews all assigned work.


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