Position Profile

Job Title:  ARC Advisor

Work Unit:  Delivery Services, Common Services Delivery

Ministry:  Alberta Human Services

Competition Number:  1039243

Date:  November 2016



The Automated Reporting for Clients (ARC), a Unit within Human Services, Common Services Delivery, Common Service Access, works directly with Alberta Works Income Supports to assist Alberta (Works) Income Support clients financial assistance with their basic costs of living during their quest to find and retain employment, obtain the skills required to enter the labour market or increase their skills to maintain their employment.

ARC Advisors responsibilities involve determining eligibility and calculating benefits to provide financial support for training under Alberta Works, core, and supplementary benefits available to eligible clients.  The level of financial benefits varies based on each client’s situation including financial resources, ability to work and the family structure. Supplementary benefits provide additional money for specific needs such as costs related to looking for work, child care, transportation, additional shelter, and/or medically required diets.

ARC Advisors perform a critical role in interpreting and applying legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines applicable to various/different funding the client may be eligible to receive.

ARC Advisors perform processing of Income Support clients monthly ARC Reports, client calls, and Tier 1 Post Verification on a daily basis. Advisors review the monthly client reports and additional information provided on file by clients, casework managers, Child Support workers (if applicable) for completion and accuracy.  Advisor analyzes the information from various external/internal sources to accurately determine eligibility and enters the relevant evidence into the Mobius system, ARC System, and releases or holds benefits in LISA system and ARC Reports. This position has been delegated the authority to exercise discretion and judgement within the Income Support Policy that can affect eligibility and the amount of financial assistance to Income Support clients while maintaining a high degree of accountability.

The ARC Advisors perform the assigned responsibilities within legislation, regulations, policy and procedural guidelines defined in the Income and Employment Supports Act, the Income Support Policy and Procedures, FOIP, Health Benefits Regulations, ARC Procedure Manual, and other acts and regulations.

The ARC Advisor has a direct role in facilitating the monthly reporting for over 15,000 Income Support clients. In this capacity the Advisor retrieves monthly client reporting information from the ARC IVR system or the website, enters it into LISA and releases/holds benefits. Advisors access the monthly ARC Reports, ARC Client Screen, LISA/CCD, and Mobius  systems and based on information client has provided will result in the Advisors decision to release/hold benefits.   They work directly with the clients and/or the regional SFSCs or CECs when clients report a change in circumstance in their monthly reporting. The Advisor exercises considerable discretion and judgment in making decisions about eligibility.

Reporting to the Supervisor, ARC Contact Centre, the ARC Advisor also performs contact centre duties that involve responding to a large number of client calls in order to provide updates on the status of an Income Support clients’ monthly  reporting, trouble shoot issues, provide  interpretations and general information on Income Support programs and services, as well as other provincial programs and services (e.g. ASCC, CCS (Child Care Subsidy), MEP (Maintenance Enforcement Program), CSS (Child Support Services), Quality Assurance (formerly Fraud), PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities, AAHB (Adult Alberta Health Benefits/Child Health Benefits), Seniors, etc.).

The Tier 1 Post Verification Audit Summary functions include: request income substantiation from Income Support clients that have been randomly chosen through the IVRNET system based on their House Hold Category (HT) criteria with (that have) reported income. Once received all documentation, is reviewed to determine if income amounts reported by the client via monthly ARC Reports, match the actual amount received according to the (substantiation) documentation.  The Advisor may request additional documentation or other information in situations where there are discrepancies. Once procedures in the post verification of income are followed, the Advisor (can) forward the matter to Tier 2 Post Verification.

Responsibilities and Activities


Initiates and carries out the activities related to ARC Reports processing.


  • Retrieves/receives and analyzes clients’ monthly reporting information from the ARC IVR system or website.
  • Completes on average 75 ARC reports per full working day with an error rate of less than 10%.
  • Reviews and validates Mobius information entered by other Mobius users and determines if benefits should be released or held. Enters reported changes in circumstances into LISA and release/hold benefits.
  • Enters Mobius Notes indicating the information clients provided on their monthly reports and based on the clients report and Mobius information determines whether to release/hold benefits.
  • Assesses eligibility for financial benefits and level of benefits according to Income Support Policy and Procedure, Legislations, Income and Employment Supports Act, FOIP, Health Benefits Regulations, ARC Procedure Manual, and Learner Income Support Policy (if applicable).
  • Interprets policies to apply to specific or unusual client circumstances.
  • Authority to release Holds placed by SFSC/CEC on benefit that no longer apply based on information provided in Systems.
  • Works directly with the clients and/or the regional SFSCs or CECs when clients report any change in circumstances to ensure clarity of circumstances and if correct level of benefits are issued.
  • Reviews clients monthly reports and if insufficient information on file cannot determine clients eligibility, the clients benefits are set to hold for SFSC’s further review.
  • Problem solves with clients who experience difficulties reporting on the IVR Website.
  • Place comments into Mobius about a client’s reporting and releases/holds benefits in situations where sufficient/insufficient information is reported and/or information on Mobius indicates to release/hold benefits.
  • Ensure all reports/tasks are completed in timely manner to not affect clients benefits to be released.
  • Identifies cases of suspected fraud and completes initial investigation duties. Provides documentation and testifies in court as required.
  • Provide input into ARC IVRNET system enhancements to allow for further automation of the client reporting process
  • Raises trouble tickets relating to system and processing problems.

Provide province wide first line contact services to clients and the public by telephone and email for the unit.


  • All Advisors must be available on phones from 8:15 to 4:30 Monday to Friday, complete Arc reports and PV. Previously only two advisor  with the sole responsibility  to manage the phones a day.
  • Assesses or identifies root problems with angry and emotional clients, and offers support in a way clients can understand.
  • Interprets and assesses information on Income and Employment Supports legislation, regulations and policy for clients and Albertans by telephone and email.
  • Provides guidance to client on program eligibility, application/appeal processes and procedures.
  • Where issues are of a particular complex nature, refers matter with the supervisor to ensure the provision of accurate and consistent information.
  • Provides linkage and referrals to other CSD contact centres, Income and Employment Support and GOA programs and services.
  • Provides a translator to clients where language barriers exist for guidance on programs, completion of monthly reports and requests for documentation.

Provides Tier 1 Post Verifications functions.


  • Lead hand started March 26,2012 and Advisors started training June 2012.
  • Currently less than 10% of client with reported income are pulled for post verification, Average of 60-80 post verification a month per Advisor. Target of 10% of all clients with reported income and average of 100 post verification a month per Advisor.
  • Completes within 5 days, task assigned for post verification of monthly income reported by clients on ARC system, one of the basis in the determination of ongoing eligibility.
  • As documents are received, the information is compared and matched with the income reported in ARC and as budgeted on CCD, to determine whether the client correctly reported all income.
  • Reviews documentation received which may include pay stubs, cheque stubs, bank statements, certifications, signed letters, etc.
  • Contacts client for additional or missing documentation in situations where the client has not provided enough or correct information and when documents are not submitted before the required 5 days.
  • Completes Tier 1 Post Audit Summary, enters notes on ARC system and Mobius, if there is no discrepancy between the income reported and the information provided. Original documents are returned back to the client enclosed in a letter that indicates compliance.
  • In case of discrepancy between the reported income and the information provided, advisor records findings in ARC and Mobius send letter to clients and the Regional Office-Post Verification Unit, in accordance with ARC Procedure Manual.
  • In the case of first letter returned mails, advisor checked address in Lisa, if address is different from the first letter, advisor sends second letter to client noted in ARC and Mobius.
  • In the case of Second letter returned mails and non-compliance or non-responsive clients, client status should show non-compliant and completed Post Verification Summary Form forwarded to Tier 2 Officer for follow-up.
  • In situations where there is suspected fraud, benefits are suspended and the matter is then forwarded on to a Tier 2 Reviewing Officer in the region.
  • Receives incoming and makes outgoing calls from/to clients regarding concerns or clarification in the verification of documents.
  • Ensure records of activities such as Post Verification Summary Form are recorded accurately and well organized for future reference and for statistical purpose.

Assist in cross training, providing back up coverage and support services to Lead Hand, attend monthly unit meetings, taking/completing meeting minutes, volunteer to various committees to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of ARC team and to facilitate knowledge transfer within the unit and division.


  • Provide training and guidance to new Advisors within ARC, CSD staff (when needed).
  • Provide cover off  Tier 1 Lead hand and assigning of  Post Verification to Advisors.
  • Keep apprised of CSD updates.
  • Share the responsibility of taking minutes.
  • Participate in various committees such as OH&S, SAT.
  • Provide feedback on ARC Manual to ensure the most effective and efficient functioning of the IVRNET system for all users (ARC Unit, supervisors, managers, worksite staff – CECs/SFSCs).
  • File Post Verification Summary forms.
  • Schedule meetings, host and make travel arrangements.
  • Completes meeting minutes.


  • Delivers customer service to all Income Support clients provincially through IVR and web monthly reports.
  • Interviews a diverse population of clients who exhibit various levels of behavioral and emotional intensity. This role may deal with people who have suffered loss (health, home, job, mental health issues, and illness and addiction issues). Need for high sensitivity to these situations.
  • This role must be able to defuse situations that may include being verbally abusive and threatening. This role must have the ability to address the complexity of callers needs for a variety of clients with their own unique issues.
  • Need to exercise a high degree of professional judgment to assess individual circumstances in a client’s reporting and make decision to release and/or withhold benefits and refer the client to the regional office for follow-up.
  • Advisors have the authority to release/hold benefits for the province of Alberta in accordance with Income Support Policy and Procedure, Legislations, Income and Employment Supports Act, FOIP, Health Benefits Regulations, ARC Procedure Manual, and Learner Income Support Policy (if applicable).
  • Interacts with Delivery Services regional staff (SFSCs and CECs) on a daily basis.
  • Advisors work independently as well as within various teams. Prioritizing, planning, and organizing work as necessary to meet deadlines set out by the various job requests that are assigned by the ARC/Post Verification Supervisor.
  • Work within established Programs, Ministry, Region, worksite policies and procedures, and consult with co-workers, case managers, supervisors or managers as required.
  • This program impacts Albertans province wide, including the clients, Income Support staff, community stakeholders and taxpayers. This work adds to the success and accountability of the programs goals and objectives and advises where benefits (services/programs) are needed.
  • Communicates (verbally and written) in a clear and concise manner with the case manager, career and employment counselors, child support workers, supervisors, and managers. Make recommendations to Income Support staff regarding file actions including on-going case management strategies, closures, cheque hold, or referrals to the Quality Assurance Unit within Investigation and Review Unit.
  • Communicate effectively with a wide audience from Income Support ETW/BFE clients to professionals such as Case Managers, Investigators, Supervisors, Managers, Social Workers and Police.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Position requires a sound knowledge of the Income Support program, policies and procedures, Legislations, Income and Employment Supports Act, FOIP, Health Benefits Regulations, ARC Procedure Manual, and Learner Income Support Policy (if applicable).
  • Knowledge of financial budgeting.
  • Analytical/conceptual skills  required for planning and organizing.
  • Ability to resolve conflict.
  • Requires excellent interpersonal skills to effectively interact with clients, peers supervisors and managers.
  • Demonstrates, respect, integrity, accountability and excellence in dealing with clients, co-workers or delivery partners.
  • Knowledge of other department programs.
  • Extensive knowledge of Human Services computerized information systems including CAIS, ARC, LISA, CCD, Mobius, Excel, Word,  Outlook, Internet, Adobe Acrobat, CSD SharePoint and IM communicator, MS office applications, Avaya telephony, miscellaneous office equipment and other web based programs.
  • Strong analytical and research skills to interpret information obtained from clients.
  • Strong organizational skills and a tolerance for balancing routine tasks with complex and urgent demands.
  • Sound knowledge of the Human Services business plan goals, objectives, strategies, as well as CSD Operational Plans.
  • Proactively identify concerns and issues relating to assigned responsibilities, including those with potential for setting precedents and those relating to efficiency of operational processes.
  • Measure of original thinking.
  • Initiate action independently using sound judgment.
  • Provide guidance to clients in completing client monthly ARC Reports, ensuring that program guidelines are maintained.
  • Requires excellent organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of other services and agencies to make appropriate referrals to their programs and services.
  • Knowledge of Income Support Policy and Procedures, Legislation, Acts.
  • Knowledge of Health Benefits Regulations.
  • Knowledge of ARC Procedure Manual.
  • Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety as it pertains to ARC, Human Services and GOA.
  • Knowledge of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and Personal Information and Protection Act (PIPA).
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills for communication with case managers at the service delivery sites, supervisors, managers, clients, employers and any other external agencies and government departments.
  • Good communication and organizational skills required to manage varied and demanding workload.
  • High degree of accuracy is required with the ability to complete heavy workload and demonstrate flexibility to change direction at a moment’s notice, ensure documentation for client files meets or exceeds set standards.
  • The ARC Advisor works with a wide range of Alberta Works Income Support ETW/BFE clients with a range of physical and mental disabilities and those with unstable temperaments and may be required to de-escalate client situations that are sensitive or potentially difficult.
  • Require to understand and explain to community stakeholders such as schools, employers and landlords.
  • Knowledge of language line solutions in cases where language is a barrier.


  • Significant contact with Delivery Services SFSCs and CECs to resolve issues regarding clients monthly reporting and Post Verification.
  • Significant contact with Income Support clients regarding issues with their monthly reporting, interpreting Income Support Legislation, Policies and Procedures when completing PV reviews. Considerable interaction with IS clients in helping them to report correctly, including how to report income and changes in circumstances.
  • Significant contact with professional staff from other areas within CSD, namely the Income Support Contact Centre and Financial Management Contact Centre.

Supervision Exercised



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