Position Profile

Job Title:  AISH Administrative Support Supervisor

Work Unit:  Employment and Financial Supports Division, Edmonton AISH

Ministry:   Alberta Human Services

Competition Number:  1039202

Date:  November 2016



Under the supervision of the Personnel Business Manager, this position is responsible for the supervision of approximately ten (10) Administrative Support III staff located in the AISH Reception area, Records Room area and Unit Clerk area of the Edmonton AISH Office. The major component of this position is the supervision of the Administrative Support staff in the above mentioned areas, ensuring the staff are administratively operating efficiently and correct procedures are being maintained at all times. This position consults directly with the Personnel Business Manager on a daily basis to discuss any issues or concerns requiring attention.

Responsibilities and Activities


AISH Office Cheque Signing Authority (1st level)


  • Provide cheque signing when required.
  • Ensure client cheques are prepared and processed correctly by the AISH Administrative Support staff for client pick-up.
  • Ensure cheques are securely placed into Reception safe.
  • Ensure assigned Administrative Support staff perform required guidelines regarding returned cheques to the AISH office.

SSA1976's - Drug Authorization Forms


  • Follow-up with Business Manager to ensure assigned Administrative Support staff have a sufficient supply of Drug Authorization Forms available for AISH Units.

Bank Identification Forms


  • Follow-up with Business Manager to ensure assigned Administrative Support staff have a sufficient supply of Bank Identification Verification forms available for AISH Units.

Direct Deposit Application Processing


  • Review and approve direct deposit applications, when required. Ensure proper procedures are followed at all times, advising staff of corrections to be made prior to approving such.

Employee Performance Appraisals (EPAS's)


  • Complete Program Staff Performance Plans for each of the administrative support staff as per due date.
  • Prepare Goals and Standards for Administrative Support staff.
  • Set up monthly supervision schedule for each Administrative Support staff.
  • Provide ongoing performance support on a daily basis to each Administrative Support staff member.

Wage Employee Timesheets


  • Ensure that Wage Employee timesheets are completed correctly and accurately and approved prior to submitting to the AISH Administrative Secretary twice per month, as per pay periods.

Employee Monthly Timesheets


  • Ensure that all administrative support staff submit monthly timesheets on a timely basis (as per Supervisor's request) and assist staff with completion of new timesheets, when implemented. Forward to the AISH Administrative Secretary, as required.
  • Responsible for scheduling/approving all Administrative Support annual vacation requests and CDO schedules.
  • Maintain daily tracking sheet of employee absences.

Hiring of Administrative Support Staff


  • Assist the Personnel Business Manager by taking an active role in the hiring and interviewing process for Administrative Support staff for the AISH Office.
  • Assist the Personnel Business Manager to review all applications and resumes submitted by Human Resources pertaining to job competitions being held.
  • As per Management request, contributes to final decisions regarding hiring of the employees with the AISH Office.
  • Responsible for arranging and providing sufficient training schedules for new employees within the AISH Office.
  • Responsible to prepare Goals and Standards and performance expectations for new employees being hired within the Administrative Support area of the AISH Office.

Maintenance of Office Equipment


  • Responsible to make arrangements for the upkeep of photocopier, printers and fax machine for this position's designated areas, ensure equipment is operational on a daily basis and ensure supplies for all equipment are available, on an ongoing basis and request service, when required.



  • Assist with telephone inquiries and deal with difficult client calls, when required by the Administrative Support staff. Make appropriate referral to the AISH Supervisor Management, when necessary.
  • Refer appropriate telephone inquiries to the Personnel Business Manager, when necessary.

Computer Skills


  • Utilize MicroSoft Word.
  • Access LISA, CCD and AISH tracking on a daily basis - entering updated information, as required.
  • Enter new AISH applicant information on AISH tracking, creating client PID numbers and file numbers, as required.
  • Excellent knowledge in the CDAS function area and performing duties, as required.
  • Enter and create all vendor codes for the AISH Intake and one AISH Unit staff.
  • Update Administrative Support Job Descriptions on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure all administrative support staff are updated via e-mail messages pertaining to the AISH Office procedures.
  • Perform ARTS system responsibilities, on a back-up basis, when required.
  • Knowledge of processing and approving of employee entries in the On-Line Time Entry system.

Providing Management and Leadership to Administrative Support Staff


  • Creating and developing strategies regarding existing and new Administrative Support procedures to improve the AISH Intake/Unit process to benefit AISH applicants and AISH clients, on an ongoing basis.
  • Constantly promoting new procedures to adjust to changes within the AISH Office, i.e. work flow.
  • On a daily basis, ensure that all Administrative Support staff within the AISH Intake Unit and one AISH Unit are fully trained and aware of their daily duties and expectations. Train appropriate Administrative Support to perform back-up duties to the Administrative Support IV.
  • Ensure AISH reception desk and waiting room are operating properly and duties are fulfilled on a daily basis.
  • Monitor all Administrative Support to ensure duties are completed on a timely basis.
  • Prepare and advise Administrative Support staff of their daily expectations and guidelines to be met, on a daily basis.
  • Provide ongoing support to all Administrative Support staff within the AISH Intake Unit, AISH reception area and one AISH Unit, on a daily basis.
  • Problem solves and troubleshoots on an ongoing basis, when required.
  • Promote individual growth through training and career development courses.
  • Provide one-on-one support for each Administrative Support staff.
  • Complete all scheduling and coordination of Administrative Support staff to ensure adequate staffing coverage at all times within the AISH Intake Unit, AISH reception area and one AISH Unit.
  • As per Personnel Business Manager's request, make arrangements for Administrative Support staff meetings on an ongoing basis.
  • Perform requested actions and responsibilities, relating to the Administrative Support Supervisor's role and Administrative Staff, as per Personnel Business Manager's request.
  • Ensure all duties performed by the Administrative Support staff are completed properly in a professional and timely manner.
  • On a daily basis, provide positive feedback to the Administrative Support staff on duties performed.

Other Related Duties


  • Oversee related duties and responsibilities relating to Iron Mountain file processes, are followed on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure proper Administrative Support staff back-up is available for assigned areas, when required.
  • Consult with Unit Staff/Unit Supervisors to ensure no administrative support concerns are overlooked - i.e. backlog of filing, typing of letters being delayed, etc. Consult with Personnel Business Manager, when required.
  • Processing of Unit Appeals as per appeal process as per AISH worksite guidelines.
  • Attend monthly AISH Leadership Team meetings.
  • Attend weekly Supervisor meetings when requested by Management.
  • Actively arrange and host "brainstorming sessions" as per discussion with Personnel Business Manager and Management's request.
  • Under direction of the Personnel Business Manager, attend meetings to take minutes, as requested by Management.
  • Arrange the Administrative Support staff accordingly, when required, to ensure proper cover-off of assigned areas is in place, on a daily basis.
  • Perform other Administrative Support IV duties as per Management's request.
  • Assist AISH Administrative Support Secretary with office requirements, as required.
  • Ensure proper administrative office procedures are being followed on a daily basis.
  • Actively participate on Business Plan committees, AISH training team and AISH Workshop committees.



AISH office staff - adjusting to various types of personalities in order to perform all Administrative Support duties as a team.

Stakeholders - AISH applicants, AISH clients, general public, hospital staff, pharmacies, RCMP, local and private agencies - providing general AISH application information and required information as per the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP) guidelines.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Knowledge of Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, local mainframe applications (CCD), local implementation systems (LISA), AISH application tracking systems, Appeal Information Management System (AIMS).

Other special requirements necessary to perform the responsibilities of the role:

  • Self-directed.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Highly motivated.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Positive and creative attitude.


  • Personnel Business Manager - Immediate Supervisor.
  • AISH Management - provide updates regarding the administrative support processes within the office.
  • AISH Unit Supervisors - ensure no Administrative Support concerns exist relating to the administrative processes being performed for Unit staff.
  • Business Manager - requesting ordering of supplies, forms, paper, etc. as required.
  • OH&S Chairperson - ensuring any OH&S issues or concerns are directed to the OH&S committee in a timely manner.

Supervision Exercised


This position directly supervises all the Administrative Support III (AISH Reception/Unit Clerk) positions within the Edmonton AISH office.

  • 9 Administrative Support III - AISH Reception/Unit Clerks


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