Position Profile

Job Title:  Demographic Analyst

Work Unit:  EFP/Office of Statistics and Information

Ministry:  Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1039109

Date:  November 2016



Reporting to the Manager, Demography, the position is primarily responsible for analyzing and evaluating demographic and social trends to support the department’s population projection program as well as the development and assessment of various socio-economic policies.  The incumbent works with a team to develop and maintain the department’s population projection models and associated databases.  The population projections and analyses produced by the team are used by Treasury Board and Finance as well as other government departments and agencies to develop economic and fiscal forecasts for various provincial programs and policies.  The position is expected to maintain a broad knowledge of social, economic and demographic data.  The incumbent must also keep abreast of current statistical and analytical techniques to ensure that the department’s analyses, models and supporting databases meet acceptable standards and to provide technical advice and assistance to other departments.  The incumbent is must have strong oral and written communication skills in order to communicate complex technical information and analyses to a broad array of audiences.  

Responsibilities and Activities


As part of a team; develop sound population data that are timely and meet the needs of both Treasury Board and Finance and the GOA for fiscal and economic planning initiatives. Specifically, the position’s responsibilities include:

  • Produce demographic projections for standard Alberta geographic regions as required to meet the needs of Finance and the GOA to be used in the fiscal and economic forecasts;
  • Prepare demographic reports analyzing current and future demographic trends in Alberta to ensure that the department is kept fully apprised of new and emerging issues;
  • Evaluate new and current demographic data sources for analytical use to improve the quality and timeliness of provincial demographic projections;
  • Through ongoing research and participation on cross-government working groups and committees, maintain a high level of awareness on current and emerging demographic trends within the province;
  • Provide technical advice and evaluations of population projections prepared by other organizations both within and external to the GOA.
  • Participate in the development of population estimation models for various sub-provincial regions.

Propose and carry out research on key socioeconomic factors underlying demographic trends (e.g. the factors driving interprovincial migration flows). 


Maintain liaisons with appropriate federal and provincial government counterparts to keep apprised on new developments in the area of demographic statistics and data development and analytical techniques.


Through individual research, study or course work keeps current with leading edge analytical research and analysis techniques, concepts and theories in the areas of assigned responsibility.



Under the general supervision of the Manager, Demography, the position contributes to the development of sound population projections used in the economic and fiscal forecasts in the provincial budget.  These have significant implications for government revenue forecasts and fiscal policy decisions.

While the overall population projections/forecasts are developed using standard demographic techniques, the incumbent must exercise good judgement in developing assumptions for various sub-components such as inter-provincial and intra-provincial migration flows.  This may require the creative application of complex analytical techniques to identify and assess the key drivers for these sub-components, and in some cases to develop the underlying socio-economic data from government administrative sources.  The quality and scope of these analyses has a significant impact on the quality of the projections.

Population projections/estimates are heavily scrutinized by both departmental and GOA users as they generally form the basis for additional demographic research. The ability to validate all estimates and projection scenarios produced and have them recognized as demographic standards requires the position to maintain not only a high level of expertise but an extensive understanding of the various demographic data usages throughout government. This includes an expert knowledge of sub-population such as seniors, children and transients/shadow populations on which special economic and social programs are based.

The development of provincial and sub-provincial demographic estimates and projections requires the position to maintain a broad range of demographic expertise to ensure users are fully aware of all potential caveats and appropriate uses for the data. The position is expected to consult with both government and non-government users, demographic researchers and advise on the incorporation of the department’s demographic information in various policy and programming initiatives. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • In-depth knowledge of current quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques used to investigate and evaluate demographic and socio-economic data, trends and related policy issues.
  • Good working knowledge of statistical and forecasting packages; 4CastGear and SPSS.
  • In-depth knowledge of existing and emerging sources socio-economic and demographic data and an understanding of their limitations.
  • Political awareness and application of current social, economic and demographic trends, theories, principles and practices; their influence on current issues; appropriate applications of analytical techniques and tools used to assess policy options.
  • Office of Statistics and Information Act - all information management techniques and data dissemination must follow the confidentiality constraints outlined in this Act.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to understand and apply complex statistical and analytical techniques to socio-economic and demographic issues,
  • Ability to evaluate existing data sources and devise mechanisms to improve or develop new demographic indicators.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to develop and complete research projects within area of responsibility.
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of team.

Education & Training:

  • Minimum requirements of a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences with a back ground in   economics, statistics or research or survey methodology.
  • Master’s degree preferred.
  • Experience: Minimum of 2 or more years directly related progressive experience.


  • On a daily basis, liaise and co-ordinate work with associates within the Economics, Demography and Public Finance Branch of Treasury Board and Finance.
  • On a weekly basis, provide advice and data for requests to divisions within Finance and Enterprise, other ministries and the public.
Clients Frequency Expected Results



Completion of joint projects, information exchange


Monthly Consultative analysis; recommendations


Ad hoc Advice, information and data.
Other ministries Monthly Advice / consultative analysis
Government entities Monthly Advice / consultative analysis

Supervision Exercised

  • N/A


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