Position Profile

Job Title:  Geospatial Data Analyst

Work Unit:  EFP/OSI

Ministry:   Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1038385

Date:  October 2016



The Alberta Office of Statistics and Information (OSI) has a government-wide mandate and is housed in Treasury Board and Finance. In addition to in-house development of statistical and analytical products, the OSI works in collaboration with other departments to consolidate key government data to support the efficient and strategic management and dissemination of information for policy and decision-making. The OSI also coordinates statistical policies, procedures and standards across the GoA; negotiates access to data and data sharing, including multi-jurisdictional consortium agreements; aggregates demand for GOA statistics and information; puts in place processes to ensure data quality and data management; and leads the creation and operation of several collaboration mechanisms, working groups and user networks for the benefit of the GoA.

Within OSI’s Geospatial Services team, the Geospatial Data Analyst will provide for the review, assessment, and development of a spatial data management strategy through effective liaison with cross-ministries stakeholders. Specifically, by functioning in a liaison capacity, the candidate will identify opportunities to collect, manage, standardize, and disseminate data holdings, within ministries working with socio-economic data.

Working in close alignment with representatives from within OSI, across the Government of Alberta, the GeoDiscover Alberta Office, and the Open Government/Data Office, the candidate will provide analytical and consultation services to support and assimilate the data requirements of diverse stakeholder groups, and provide innovative solutions that build the spatial data competencies unique to the social based ministries of the Government of Alberta.

Responsibilities and Activities


Support the development of a GOA Statistical Spatial Framework (SSF) (an inter-operable framework with applicability for any department seeking to analyze data about people, society and economy in the context of their geographic location), specifically in terms of a data management strategy.


  • Identify common methodologies and approaches, including technical and industry data standards, to ensure common and sustainable processes that result in high quality data.
  • Design and create working examples to showcase the capabilities of using GIS within the social ministries of the GoA.

Collect, manage, standardize, and disseminate data holdings relating to the enablement of socio-economic spatial data across the GoA under the SSF program.


Identify opportunities for improving data management processes through the integration of spatial technologies within a social context and assist in the preparation of required proposals to develop new processes and/or operational changes under the SSF program.


Deliver and/ or contribute to the following defined deliverables under the SSF program.


  • High level review of the geospatial socio-economic data landscape completed by December 2016.
  • Deep dive review of the geospatial socio-economic data landscape completed by April 2017.
  • Preliminary testing on new socio-economic web services completed by May 2017.
  • All pertinent (and preliminary) baseline data standards and processes defined and formally put in place by June 2017.
  • Preliminary full draft of the new SSF completed by July 2017.
  • Formal SSF communication plan (draft) to GOA completed by August 2017.
  • Final full draft of the new SSF completed by September 2017.



This position works collaboratively with stakeholders from within OSI and across the Government of Alberta to develop strategies, requirements, and processes for the development of a formal spatial data management strategy to enable the sustainability of a new GoA Statistical Spatial Framework (SSF) program to support ministries working with socio-economic data.

The work environment is evolving and multi-faceted, requiring significant flexibility, professional judgment, and understanding of complex issues. The successful candidate liaises continually with technical information technology representatives, geospatial subject matter experts, and internal and external clients and stakeholders. The candidate must be able to effectively communicate timelines and processes for developing new approaches for geospatial data acquisition and dissemination.

This position applies creativity and originality to responsibilities, particularly in relation to translating learnings into documentation to support the unique needs of ministries working with social data and the development of a Government of Alberta Statistical Spatial Framework. This position has a good deal of latitude and independence in determining approaches to responsibilities, and requires strong judgment when interacting with clients, systems representatives, and stakeholders.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Demonstrated experience in the preparation of technical writing and documentation.
  • A solid understanding of information management practices related to the development of policies, procedures, best practices and standards required to manage information and data sharing across the Government of Alberta.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience using ESRI’s ArcGIS suite of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software is a must.
  • Previous experience in a data management role is critical for success.
  • Web mapping experience and capabilities (Silverlight, HTML 5, etc.) is strongly desired.
  • Pertinent scripting and programming skills (SQL, Python, etc.) will also be considered a definite asset.


  • Demonstrate a superior ability to think strategically, provide expert advice and negotiate common goals and solutions with stakeholders.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills.
  • Capacity to drive change to achieve common goals within an evolving and highly complex cross-ministry sharing/management environment.
  • Strong ability to network with subject matter experts and professionals.
  • Organizational skills to manage and direct diverse activities and prioritize effectively under tight timelines.
  • Superior interpersonal, communication and facilitation skills to consult and negotiate with cross-ministry stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated commitment to quality work, a customer service focus, and a passion for working with spatial data.


  • Minimum 6 years pertinent and progressively responsible experience within the disciplines of geographic information systems (GIS) and/ or data management, or equivalent.
  • Two year technical diploma in a related field, or equivalent.


  • Previous experience working in a government setting and/or awareness of government decision-making processes is an asset.
  • A proven track record of fostering continuous improvement with superior interpersonal, communication and facilitation skills.
  • Success is dependent on the largely independent prioritization of tasks and deliverables. As such, experience in self-directed time management and priorities are paramount.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Geospatial Statistics Team


Consultation, collaboration and advice.

OSI Management Team

Daily Consultation, collaboration and advice.

Other GoA Ministry Staff

Daily Consultation, collaboration and advice.


Occasionally Advice/collaboration/relationship building/deliverables.

Supervision Exercised

  N/A at this time.


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