Position Profile

Job Title:  Unit Administrative Support

Ministry:  Alberta Human Services

Competition Number:  1038141

Date:  September 2016



Under the supervision of the Administrative Support Supervisor, this position will provide administrative support for the Caseworkers in a Child Intervention and Protective Services Unit. Duties and responsibilities include telephone and counter reception, incoming and outgoing mail, data entry, various word processing tasks, maintenance of supplies, maintaining Child Youth and Family Enhancement files, and accounts payable processing of invoices and other client related payments. This position requires general knowledge of the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act and Regulations. The incumbent must also use Ministry specific information and payment processing systems and possess a full working knowledge of GOA, Ministry and Regional policies and procedures.

Responsibilities and Activities


Public and Client Services


  • Provides information to the general public by telephone and in person.
  • Must possess a good general knowledge of the programs, agencies and services available within the NCCYF and the Region to appropriately refer inquiries made by the public or clients.



  • Sending, receiving and disbursement of facsimiles and email.
  • Ensures proper completion and appropriate signing authorities on all correspondence and documents.
  • Ensures all outgoing correspondence is appropriately addressed and sent out daily.
  • Incoming mail is disbursed to appropriate staff.
  • Attend committees and meetings as required.
  • Assist Caseworkers to ensure all information contained in the Intervention Services Information System Module (ISIS) is correct and up to date including:
    • Legal Authority
    • Placement Detail
    • On/Off Reserve Status
    • Screenings and Investigations
    • Program Directory
    • Children's Special Allowance
    • Bring Forwards
    • File Transfers
    • File Closures
  • Records Management - maintenance and control of client files and electronic records for the unit:
    • Maintains and ensures the security, safety and confidentiality of client files.
    • Adheres to file standards as set by Records Management policy.
  • Creation and maintenance of electronic and paper documents:
    • Utilizes various computer applications and Ministry specific systems to complete assigned work in the unit.
    • Types legal documents, memorandums, and letters.
    • Ensures the highest degree of accuracy is maintained.
  • Performs other related duties as required and deemed appropriate.



  • Enter Referral and Evaluation fee for service contracts within CMAS, ensuring all terms and payment rates are correct.
  • Determine correct coding for accounts payable transactions, reviewing for accuracy where coded by others.
  • Enter invoices for payment into the appropriate accounts payable subsystem (CYFS, DAPS, CMAS).
  • Review monthly automated Foster Parent and Kinship Care payments to validate system calculated amounts and to suspend or correct amounts where necessary.
  • Enter recoveries for foster parent over-payment.



The position is primarily focused on providing administrative support to the NCCYF Frontline caseworkers. It requires sound knowledge of several Ministry specific Information Systems as well as general office programs, policies and procedures. The incumbent must possess the ability to communicate effectively with the public in a professional and courteous manner. This role requires the individual to possess well developed organizational and time management skills in order to complete assigned tasks under tight timelines. Technical accuracy is essential to ensure information systems and accounts payable payments are correct.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


This position requires the following skills and abilities:

  • Ability to work as a team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain professional conduct.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Ability to work closely and cooperatively with the Administrative Support Supervisor and Caseworkers.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Technical accuracy is required and ability to prioritize and focus on completion of assignments.

This position requires a knowledge or the following policies, procedures, legislation, regulations and manuals:

  • General office policies, procedures and equipment.
  • Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act.
  • Regional and Ministry Policies.
  • Fee For Service Guidelines.
  • Foster Parent Guidelines.

The position requires solid computer skills with the following software/systems:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • DAPS
  • CYFS
  • CMAS
  • ISIS
  • My Agent


  • NCCYF staff
  • General Public
  • Community Agencies

Supervision Exercised



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