Position Profile

Job Title:  ARTS Administrator

Work Unit:  Deputy Minister's Office / Ministerial Correspondence Unit

Ministry:   Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1037996

Date:  September 2016



The position is the ARTS administrator for the ministry.

This position is responsible for executing the administrative and operational service requirements for the office of the Ministerial Correspondence Unit (MCU) and is responsible for coordinating and supervising the Ministerial Action Request (AR) administrative processes, systems, distribution, and quality assurance activities for the department. The position responds to a variety of requests from the Minister's office, Deputy Minister's office, and Assistant Deputy Minister's offices; provides technical and timeline advice to department staff; and assists the MCU Manager in ensuring timely completion of ARs. Because of the complexity of inter-branch and inter-departmental communication requests, the position is responsible for handling confidential and sensitive information. This position is often first-in-line to respond to Minister’s office time-sensitive information and call requests. The incumbent must have superior knowledge of the department's tracking system, correspondence unit functions, department’s overall responsibilities, branch/division specific responsibilities, and individual staff areas of expertise.

This position acts as a departmental resource to other administrative support staff in terms of advice and assistance with processing ARs and on writing correspondence for the Deputy Minister and for other executive managers. From time to time, the position may carry out administrative special projects.

Responsibilities and Activities


Maintain the Ministry’s Action Request Tracking System (ARTS) which tracks and conveys Minister and Deputy Minister briefings, reports and correspondence within the department, in accordance with professional business practices and standards, to ensure accurate and timely communication with department staff and successful delivery of the program to both internal and external clientele.


  • Assign ARs, Telephone Action Requests (TARs) and Requests for Information (RFIs) to appropriate departmental programs for information, review, research and response. Co-ordinate cross-government responses.
  • Liaise on a regular basis and provide advice and information to Minister's office, Deputy Minister’s office, Assistant Deputy Minister's offices, and other department staff regarding the coordination of documents, required action, protocols, key messages, response timelines, development of document standards, extension requests and other procedures.
  • Coordinate the recording of all ARs for the department via the established correspondence program tracking system (ARTS). Generate reports to determine AR status.
  • Review and make decisions regarding division/branch extension requests, and maintain extensions in ARTS.
  • Process approved correspondence including duplication, packaging, filing and distribution. Ensure the efficient flow of the documentation to maintain a high level of efficiency and performances.
  • Responsible for the implementation, training, maintenance and troubleshooting of ARTS for the department and identifying enhancements.
  • Maintain filing systems to track AR completion (i.e. bring-forward system pending signature system).
  • Primary contact with Minister's Office regarding extensions of ARs and information requests.

ARTS Administrator for Ministry.


  • Address and resolve ARTS maintenance concerns; identify possible process and system improvements and bring them to the attention of the Manager.
  • Develop and present ARTs training sessions for groups.
  • Be available to provide ARTs training for individuals for one-on-one sessions.
  • Provide guidance and direction to administrative support staff in assisting with ARTs Administrator duties if required.

Ensure the Minister is provided with timely and accurate information for items requiring immediate attention. Be able to take the initiative, with the MCU Manager’s guidance, to:


  • Maintain frequent contact with the Minister’s Office to ensure issues are addressed and service delivery in response to any inquiries is smooth and seamless.
  • Receive and assign ad-hoc urgent requests for information (verbal and written) to the appropriate area in the department.
  • Seek clarification, instructions from the Minister’s Office and where necessary, provide background/history to department staff regarding individual requests.
  • Provide feedback, recommendations, and advice to branches/divisions on best approaches when responding to requests.
  • Receive process, monitor and track information requests to provide information to the Minister’s Office on time.
  • Track all requests, and maintain a follow-up system to facilitate timeliness of response.

Print and proofread completed AR packages.


  • Ensure all needed documents are uploaded and attached.
  • Ensure accuracy and appropriateness of carbon copied parties.
  • Assist in proofreading ARs for spelling, grammar, punctuation, format, adherence to style guidelines, representation of Minister’s preferences and correspondence standards.
  • Assist in ensuring overall consistency of documents and accuracy of information.
  • Identify and bring to the MCU Manager’s attention any perceived structural, stylistic or content concerns.

Participate in activities to ensure administrative processes policies and practices are developed, executed and maintained in order to support the business needs of the MCU, Deputy Minister’s Office and Department.


  • Review and provide enhancements to administrative services including system support, information technology needs, procurement, organizational operations, records management, ARTS and client services.
  • Attend ARTS Best Practice Committee meetings.

Project work.


  • As required, participate in special projects, e.g. setting up templates for improving tracking of memos and correspondence, assist with the organization of meetings or conferences.
  • Provide assistance to the Deputy Minister’s Office as required.



The complexity and diversity of the position is also demonstrated in the following:

  • Communicating with external stakeholders that support and assist in the delivery of departmental programs and services.
  • Working with various department personnel and government departments to complement programming (cross-government initiatives), reduce duplication, ensure accurate information and manage resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Attention to detail to maintain accuracy of documentation is a requirement for this job.
  • Identifying issues and approaching department personnel to recommend solutions.
  • Playing an integral role in developing administrative procedures that are sensitive to the needs and concerns of departmental personnel and meet the overall objectives of broader government policy and procedure.
  • Understanding the need for urgent messaging to supersede regular processes and react accordingly.

Performing in an independent role, the outcomes of this position can directly affect the credibility of the Minister, Deputy Minister and the department. The incumbent contributes to the success of the Minister’s communication with Albertans, key stakeholders, and provincial/national leaders. The ability to remain aware and responsive to sensitivities, contentious issues and the department’s position on a wide variety of issues is essential.

The position works closely with the MCU Manager to ensure the operation and delivery of ARs for the department is managed smoothly and seamlessly within very tight and inflexible deadlines. The position is specialized as they are responsible for one aspect of an integrated department process, but complexity is increased due to the broad knowledge base required to effectively carry out a wide range of duties.

The position is key in the troubleshooting and problem-solving related to AR completion and processing. The ability to prioritize work in a changing environment and negotiate timelines with department staff is a key success factor for the position.

The position requires extensive administrative knowledge about the department and its business and program areas. Specialized knowledge about the correspondence tracking system is obtained through extensive hands-on experience.

The position must develop and maintain positive, effective working relationships and interact with all program areas in the department, especially with the Minister’s Office staff. The position requires a high level of skill in dealing effectively and positively with department staff and supervised staff. The position will have the drive to take initiative in improving office efficiencies and the ability to develop relationships with all program areas of the department.

As an active contributor to the Unit’s success, the position provides recommendations to the MCU Manager on an ongoing basis to contribute to the continual improvement of AR operation systems and process and response quality. The position is also responsible for ensuring implemented administrative process improvements run smoothly.

The incumbent must be aware of a complex department’s administrative business, process and initiatives.

As the key user of ARTS in the unit, the incumbent is responsible for identifying emerging and potential issues and, with the MCU Manager’s oversight, bring resolution to them, as well as the day-to-day administrative operations of ARTS. The position is also responsible for ensuring ARTS processes are communicated effectively throughout the department.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Two year diploma or equivalency in a related field with considerable years of experience in progressively responsible administrative function.


  • In-depth knowledge of the goals and objectives of the organization, including the responsibilities/mandate of the programs provided by various divisions of the department.
  • Sound knowledge of department regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Full knowledge of department business practices, and ministry needs related to ministerial correspondence.
  • Working knowledge of government protocol.
  • In-depth familiarity with ARTS and best practices and ministerial correspondence guidelines, and procedures and processes for AR completion, distribution and tracking.
  • Ability to work with an extremely high degree of confidentiality and respond to changing organizational priorities.
  • In-depth knowledge of business communication practices and administrative procedures.
  • Sound judgement, good program planning and project management skills.
  • Awareness of sensitivity to political and key issues facing the department and ministerial direction.
  • Working knowledge of operation of equipment such as scanners, MS software and the Internet.


  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to explain process and procedures articulately.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Strong negotiation skills to effectively and cooperatively address issues related to timelines, extension requests and process with department staff.
  • Diplomacy and tact.
  • Excellent proofreading skills.
  • Superior interpersonal skills.
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills.
  • Independent decision-making, well developed organizational skills, with proven ability to multi-task.
  • Exceptional analytical skills to ensure ARs and information requests are assigned to the appropriate area for completion.
  • Strong consultative and problem solving skills while working with department staff to focus on positive outcomes.
  • Ability to guide projects through from a planning stage to completion.
  • Facilitation and leadership skills.


  • Ability to establish and maintain effective, positive working relationships.
  • Works independently with confidence, contributes to establishing a strong team environment.
  • Capable of using good judgements and decisions.
  • Self-motivated and capable of taking initiative.
  • Ability to handle a heavy workload under tight timelines.
  • Ability to achieve results through positive influence, consultation and collaboration.


  • Minister’s Office.
  • Deputy Minister’s Office.
  • Assistant Deputy Minister's Offices and Executive Assistants.
  • Department staff.
  • Other departments for the purposes of coordinating AR assignments.
  • Secondary stakeholders include all departmental staff, Public Sector, Private Agents, Regulated Businesses and Consumers DROs.

Supervision Exercised



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