Position Profile

Job Title:  Program Administrator

Work Unit:  EFS - Edmonton / AJC / CSS / SRQA

Ministry:  Alberta Human Services

Competition Number:  1037708

Date:  August 2016

Position Summary


Reporting to the Business Coordinator (AS6), the Program Administrator provides technical and administrative support to the three business units (Alberta Job Corp, Child Support Services, and Service Review Quality Assurance) within this regional programs branch. This includes program support, systems support and compliance administration.

The incumbent is the first level of contact for the AJC Admin Supervisor (AS4), CSS Admin Supervisor (AS4), SRQA Program Admin Support (AS3), 4 Program Supervisors (PS4) and the worksite manager for worksite administration systems and standards. The incumbent acts on his/her own initiative in determining effective and efficient administrative systems and procedures required to meet service needs. The incumbent is responsible for 'expenditure control' which includes all payment processing (IMAGIS) lo support accurate monthly budget forecasts by the branch Business Coordinator. The incumbent is also responsible for oversight of Records Management for all three business units/worksites. The incumbent provides indirect leadership to all administrative support staff through the provision of training on administrative policies in the branch, and providing assistance with the explanation and interpretation of policies and direct leadership through direct­ reports.

This position also handles the commencement processes for new staff and acts as the first contact for employees with any benefit, entitlement changes or corrections needed. The incumbent handles sensitive and confidential employee information and m maintains worksite 'working' records for 55+ staff.

As a member of AJC/CSS/SRQA Leadership Team the incumbent shares accountability for workplace health, safety and wellness practices, implemen1ing ministry and office goals, responsible for modeling APS values and ministry principles, and playing a key role in facilitating change at the worksite level as required .

The incumbent acts as a back-up to the branch Business Coordinator and also to the Service Request Coordinator (SRC)/Systems Security Coordinator (SSC) therefore is cross-trained on all aspects of these roles.

Primary Accountabilities/Responsibilities



  • Oversees the delivery of the branch administrative support services according to the strategic direction of the department and the regional operations plans.
  • Provides leadership to 3 direct reports (CSS Supervisor, AJC Supervisor and SQA Admin Support).
  • Provides general leadership and support to all administrative staff (through supervisors), responsible for team building, providing encouragement and guidance, establishing standards and goals.
  • Translates branch/region goals and business plans into more detailed and specific unit goals, objectives and plans. Clarifies department and unit goals and assists staff in determining how their work contributes to achieving these goals.
  • As a member of the branch leadership team, contributes directly to the development and implementation of regional operation plans, goals and strategies, and lo the building of effective and highly motivated unit teams.
  • Provides input lo the branch leadership team in their review of specific issues related to proposed service delivery changes, through identifying branch/region needs or providing branch/region feedback on proposed changes.
  • Implements effective change strategies and leads change at the unit level. Supports staff in dealing with change through modeling, coaching, mentoring, and staff training.
  • Facilitates a positive work environment. Encourages staff to contribute lo continuous improvement in the delivery of information and services, works to build a fair, safe and healthy environment for staff, facilitates clear and open communication within the office, recognizes staff accomplishments, and fosters team learning, development and capacity building.
  • Monitors and reports on progress towards operational goals throughout the year. Highlights areas of concern, risk, or opportunity related to program delivery, to the area management team, and provides supported recommendations for action.
  • Provides general leadership in building upon the branch workplace health, safety and wellness culture; deals with issues as they arise and works with staff to resolve and create solutions.

Supervise Administrative Support staff:

  • Provides coaching and mentorship to the AJC Admin Supervisor (AS4), CSS Admin Supervisor (AS4) and SRQA Program Administrative Support (AS3), establishing learning plans to ensure goals are met through the year, completion of performance reviews, recognition of staff accomplishments, and taking corrective action on staff matters of performance as required, consulting with managers on performance issues that may require action outside of delegated authority.
  • Establishes unit and individual objectives, monitors and provides feedback on performance on an ongoing basis, as well as through the department performance review process.
  • Models, fosters and supports personal and professional development of supervisor staff. Assesses individual staff training needs and supports development of individual learning plans to facilitate competency development. Encourages supervisor staff participation in career path processes that benefit individual and organizational development.
  • Meets monthly with individual direct-reports to discuss challenges, review options, and solutions.
  • Approves direct-report staff leave and vacation requests, and approves bi-weekly online-time entry.
  • Supports the consistent interpretation and application of legislation, policy and procedures by providing advice and consultation to Admin Support Supervisors.
  • Responsible for administrative staff recruitment for the branch including participation in screening candidates end on interview panels, conducting reference checks, and selection of candidates to fill administrative position vacancies.

IMAGIS Accounts Payable/Expenditure Control:

  • Responsible for the supervisory release of all expenditures through IMAGIS and the monitoring of payment outcomes, ensures all payments have been posted and processed within proper payment procedures and expenditure limits.
  • Responsible to identify and deny expenditures not complying with financial practices and rectifying issue with IMAGIS operator or staff person .This includes ensuring questionable vouchers and/or invoices are returned to the Financial Benefits Worker (FBW) or Career and Employment Consultant {CEC) for clarification.
  • Monitor to ensure that Procurement Card purchasing is completed within directives and guidelines, adherence to policy and process and purchases are within budget allocations.

Records Management:

  • Ensure development and maintain of office administrative standards as they pertain to personnel, supplies and services, records management and inventory control ensuring compliance to legislation, negotiated agreements and Ministry policies.
  • Ensure proper procedures arc followed with the ongoing maintenance, scheduling, retention and disposal of all client files.
  • Ensure retention and disposal of operational and administrative records are adhered to as per the Regional Worksite Guide to Records Storage, Retrieval and Disposal.
  • Maintain accurate office administrative filing system according to the Records Management File Classification system and ensures filing is completed daily. Inventories and archives administrative tiles on a yearly basis.
  • Ensure that staff are trained and knowledgeable in following the Alberta Government Records Management program policies and procedures.


  • Commencement of new employees as per personnel regulations and policies.
  • Assists staff in accessing MyAgent, train new staff on OLTE, Exclaim and training online requests.
  • Maintain and update worksite 'working' records for 55+ staff. Ensure personnel file information is up to date and accurate, including position and salary changes, address and phone numbers, promotions, etc.
  • Respond to questions regarding (and track) employee leave periods (vacation, casual and general illness, special leave, etc.).
  • Follow-up with Pay and Benefits when employees report discrepancies with the personal records and MyAgent and/or worksite tracking records.
  • Track all (FAWA) employee manual timesheets and review for accuracy and Wage timesheets are submitted to Pay and Benefits immediately following the end of each pay period.
  • Monitor outstanding holidays carried-over by staff to ensure banked vacation time is within HS guidelines.
  • Monitor employee Performance Excellence Agreements and submit employee year-end progress report to HR I Pay and Benefits. Track annual salary increments for use with budget preparation.
  • Track employee general illness utilization and ensure Long Term Disability package is sent to employee and their supervisor four weeks after employee being off on general illness.
  • Compose and submit staff transactions as requested by managers. Maintain an up-to-date Org Chart. Maintain an up to date organization chart to be submitted to the Area Manager, Service Delivery Managers, Business Manager, HR Consultant and Regional Office on a quarterly basis.
  • Responsible to release all travel claims following review by the appropriate supervisor and maintains hard copies of all claims for auditing purposes.
  • Spot checks of Exclaim expense claim hard copies to ensure that no duplication or inappropriate expenses have occurred and then file hard copies for auditing purposes.
  • Track expiry dates for Commissioner for Oaths appointments to ensure they are renewed prior to expiry.

Back-up to Service Request Coordinator/Systems Security Coordinator:

  • The incumbent acts as a back-up to the branch Service Request Coordinator/ Systems Security Coordinator therefore is cross-trained on all aspects of the role (submits request to GOA for IBM/HS systems, assign access for TOMIS, Mobius, LISA and CCD IDs and revoke IDs as per policy).

Back-up to Business Coordinator:

  • The incumbent nets as a back-up to the branch Business Coordinator therefore is cross-trained on all aspects of the role (budget forecasting, preparation and analysis; facility, IT and equipment management, accommodations, telecommunications and personnel administration).




  • Extensive knowledge of personnel regulations, policies, Master Agreement and Subsidiary Agreements, Great West Life Insurance and Long Term Disability Income benefits and GoA’s EFAP programs
  • Extensive knowledge is required of the accounts payable (IMAGIS) system, financial practices, policies and procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of departmental administrative systems, policies, procedures and practices
  • In-depth understanding of Records Management
  • Working knowledge of Income Support policy in regards to systems access/assignment of LISA and CCD IDs for staff (systems security coordination)
  • Working knowledge of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)
  • Branch Operational Plan, Regional Operational Plan and the Departmental Business Plan
  • Thorough knowledge of OH&S legislation, policy, procedures and protocols as it relates to GoA workplace health, safety and wellness
  • Working knowledge of the AJC, CSS and SRQA programs (to effectively support Admin Supervisors)


  • Experience working in GoA administrative policies and procedures, including accounts payable, records management, would greatly benefit the incumbent in providing guidance and interpretation to supervisors and frontline staff
  • Experience in leadership I supervision
  • Experience with Collective Agreement I interpretation of HR directives and procedures
  • Basic understanding of HS programming and computer systems
  • Customer Service Excellence


  • Use influence and effective communication to work with staff on issues
  • Leadership skills, including team building, motivation and influencing
  • Well-developed supervisory and performance management skill, including conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation
  • Strong organizational and excellent time management -ability manage competing priorities to meet deadlines and ability to work in a fast paced stressful environment
  • Interpersonal skills ability to establish and maintain a strong and healthy relationship with employees, vendors, internal and external stakeholders
  • Sensitivity to diversity in the workplace
  • Exercise creativity to find alternate solutions to resolve issues
  • Excellent Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills
  • Proficient in computerized information systems including MOBIUS, LISA, CCD, IMAGIS, and MyAgent
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products including Budget Explorer, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Visio, e mail, word processing and the Internet as a key requirement

Primary Relationships/Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Branch Managers, Business Coordinator, supervisors and branch front-line employees


Planning and collaboration on daily operations

Other Edmonton Region Admin Supervisors, regional office staff


Support for regional programs and regional consistency of practice


Pay and Benefits personnel


Communicating/reporting on staff benefits and entitlements

Vendors related to supply and service acquisition


Communicating/seeking clarification regarding invoices/accounts payable


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