International Qualifications Assessment Service

For individuals who have obtained educational credentials from outside of Canada, we recommend that they obtain an evaluation of their credentials from the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) and include their IQAS assessment certificate as part of their application information.

IQAS is dedicated to providing reliable, credible and thorough assessments that help individuals obtain recognition for their international education. IQAS conducts an assessment and issues a certificate that shows how educational credentials from other countries compare to educational standards in Canada.

The following IQAS assessment may be a useful tool when included as part of an individual’s academic and professional profile, for those seeking employment.

Type of Assessment
Fee What It Includes   What Is It Used For?
Basic $100

Provides a certificate that includes: the name of the institution(s) attended; the degree(s) / diploma(s) / or certificate(s) achieved; the length of the program; the area(s) of specialization / focus of study; and a general statement about the comparative levels of achievement in Canada.


For individuals seeking general employment.

For more information on IQAS, their services, and how to obtain an evaluation, please refer to the IQAS website.