How to Apply

Each ministry is responsible for its own staffing needs and has a Human Resource Office that hires employees on behalf of the Alberta Government.

Each job posting/advertisement is assigned a job ID and indicates the closing date for receiving applications. A separate application must be submitted for each job posting/advertisement you are applying for and should include the job ID. All applications must be received on or before the closing date.

Each job posting/advertisement outlines the qualifications required to be successful in the job, including education, experience and relevant competencies. Your application information should clearly demonstrate that you have the qualifications required in order for you to be considered for the job.

We encourage you to apply on job postings/advertisements that you are interested in, eligible for, and for which you feel qualified, through one of the following channels:

Apply online using the Apply Now button found at the top and bottom of each job posting/advertisement. Online applications are preferred.

  • Attach your application information and complete the referral information indicating how you found out about the job.
  • When you apply online and provide a valid e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application.
  • By applying online, you will be able to track the status of your application through “My Career Tools”.
  • More information and assistance in applying online is available to Current Salaried Employees and to Other Applicants.

Mail or fax your application to the contact specified in the job posting/advertisement.

If you have specific questions about the job, contact the ministry advertising the job. Contact information can be found in each job posting/advertisement or through Contact Our HR Offices.

To learn more about the ministry or the job, visit the ministry's homepage. Ministry websites can be accessed through the Government of Alberta site which provides a link to each ministry.

When you apply, please be sure to do the following:

  • Clearly illustrate in your application information how your competencies make you a strong candidate, paying particular attention to the qualifications outlined in the job posting/advertisement.
  • Include the job ID in your application information.
  • Provide the complete address and telephone numbers where you may be reached.
  • Submit a separate application for each job posting/advertisement you wish to apply on, unless otherwise stated in the ad.
  • Include a copy of your International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) assessment certificate if your educational credentials were obtained from outside of Canada.
  • Keep a record of the job ID as well as the ministry's address and phone number in case you have an inquiry later on.

For more information, check out the Tips for Applying on Alberta Government Jobs publication.