After You Apply

If you have specific questions about the competition you applied on, please contact the ministry advertising the competition. Contact information can be found at the bottom of each advertisement or through the Contact our HR Offices listing.

Competition Status - View the status of a competition you applied on by clicking on Competition Status.

Assessing Candidates -

  • After the closing date, applications are reviewed according to the qualifications outlined in the job posting, looking for demonstrated evidence of the required education, experience and relevant competencies.
  • Candidates whose qualifications most closely match the job requirements are invited to participate further in the selection process. This typically includes an interview and may also involve additional assessment methods such as tests or presentations.
  • Interviews are usually handled by a selection panel of two to three members which typically includes:
    • the supervisor of the position,
    • a human resource professional,
    • the manager or director of the program area, and/or
    • a technical expert.
  • Some applicants may be interviewed initially by telephone. If an in-person interview is required, it is up to the ministry to decide whether interview expenses will be paid. This is done on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration a variety of factors. Relocation assistance may be available depending on the situation. A return service commitment is normally required from individuals who receive relocation assistance.

Selection of the Successful Candidate - Candidates are assessed on their technical and behavioural competencies. After the interview/assessment, pre-employment checks such as reference checks are conducted and the most suitable candidate is selected.